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  1. In the rock mags around during that time -,there was mention of several singers - The cat from raging slab and others 1 was Slash was rehearsing with a actor from “ Children of the Corn “ and was the leader - Metal Edge - Still have no idea who that was
  2. I bought appetite 3 months after it was released so technically your right - I’m a day 90 fan - Thnx For the clarification and Btw “ I have forgot more about this band than u know about them “ Thnx for the compliment- The avatar of me makes u think I’m young or something - Flattering I loved this band before they hit MTV or Radio MY FRIEND PLAYED OUT TO GET ME AT A PARTY BEEN HOOKED EVER SINCE Bought the record the next weekend Thnx @RussTCB for the all the work on the board - I’m not gonna defend myself to u or anyone about this band - “ I mean u kicked me off t
  3. Don’t kill me on this 1 like you cats always do but as a day 1 fan - I don’t see anything unfamiliar in what the band is doing - No announcements - who cares ? It’s Gnr No new Album - It’s Gnr - it’s their band not ours and have always liked that about them ive seen it all with this band - I like just sitting back and watch u guys and gals post stuff - Like they care!!! They don’t I understand that and have for ages I still love band and band I mean Slash - Duff - Izzy - Steven - Matt and Gilby - Not the Axl Rose solo project “ Chinese Democracy “ go ahead and bl
  4. Bad Sleep — New song with more to come - Not bad - Sounds like Iggy Popp Punk Rock with Slash on the solo London played all instruments - Vocals - Drums - Bass Rythmn Guitar Slash’s kid is talented for sure
  5. To Explain Myself - thnx for not banning me for a week@RussTcb for not liking anything to do with CD or KFC Head or Anything to do with CD Back in the day this is what what we always read between Afd and Illusion Albums and then the Album after Illusions that was never finished Slash has written his parts - Axl Quote” Slash is playing some of the meanest riffs I have ever heard him play “ Writing after Ilusions “ Duff is killing it Sorum is another level “ Izzy has come down and written some great songs” Axl- Crickets” Its the same old song and dance wi
  6. In all honesty the wait between Appetite and Illusions felt like a eternity I was Hoping for a super Heavy record with illusions - Had never heard Nr - Estranged or anything that matter on a Piano from Guns - It pissed me off big time 4 years seems to be the Norm for guns - If we don’t get a record - I think this is the last of the big tours for GNR Ill pay 45 bucks for a ticket like I did at Louder than Life but with out a new record that’s about it Hope we get 1 and I think we will but the wait sucks - Slash has made a record with Smkc while back in Guns and Duff Cut
  7. Slash writes 14 songs on his guitar for Gnr Duff plays his part Richard plays his part Frank - Who knows if he can play his part or do they bring in Fitzy - Tommy Cluetos or Brad Wilk Axl “ Crickets” if u don’t know why we don’t have a record - Here it is @RussTCB Chime in man because u are always hating on my reactions and I’m ready for u to suspend me again for whatever reason
  8. I’ve been a fan since 87 im a hell of a lot older than that I don’t wanna rub anyone the wrong way imo it’s Slash in the solo by the tone - I have no way of knowing except by listening to the track
  9. You’re right I am a fan - way before the internet - had to to read -Rolling Stone - Metal Edge - Hit Parader - Rip magazines time get info Didn’t know being a day 1 fan made me childish to each their own - Proud to be a childish fan ty for the compliment I don’t have any inside info just a Wealth if knowledge I have stored in my blank mind since 1987 - Yes I am that damn old
  10. Listen 2 the tone of the guitar I thought it was a for gone conclusion that Slash played this number - but like I always say I am a “ Day 1 fan “ of GNR I probably know more about this band than anyone on this board - I lived it I don’t know anything about Axls solo record “ CD” The band plays the looney tunes number on the PA right before they hit the stage might be a coincidental 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸
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