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  1. Why was she on the podcast, any particular reason she was being interviewed?
  2. It is nice saving a bit of money on not going out - I’m starting to realise just how much I used to take the kids out to eat rather than having to cook at home but this is also what is happening in my house ....
  3. I’ve always wanted to go to a show at the RAH, for the venue as much as anything.
  4. I didn’t have much at all lined up for this year concert wise.... I’m kind of done with the ridiculous ticket prices and cost in general for concerts these days. I had one stadium show lined up for Green Day but I sold the tickets just before the pandemic started and got the money back. The way Ticket Master and Live Nation are handling this whole thing for people who have money tied up in shows is terrible - they really have ruined live events for me, I hate to give them my money.
  5. Sounds like Slash and Duff don’t want a clique of Slash, Duff and Matt either.
  6. They were hanging out with Lemmy at Donington so they’re bound to have been totally wankered.
  7. And the woman who got her arm ripped off by a tiger and she was just like ehhh I’ve got another one and went back to work a few days later!!
  8. Yes me. What a totally batshit crazy saga - one minute I was laughing and the next totally creeped out .... and those songs he made Btw - I 100% think Carol fed her ex husband to the tigers
  9. The problem I have with Doug Goldstein is that he took over managing the band when they already had dates booked for the Illusions tour and that tour would undoubtedly be successful - he couldn’t get Axl to do anything after that up until he was sacked. A lot of those tour cancellations etc were on his watch. In essence, I think he’s a gobshite.
  10. And how about when she turned up at Coachella with her boyfriend and then complained to the press Slash didn’t let them in the VIP section (and compared their dicks ) And how she told the press Slash banned her from London’s show.....and how he wouldn’t buy London a new drum kit..... ehhh the list goes on and on
  11. Like being a recluse? All of a sudden watching other people’s telly’s through your window next door doesn’t seem so silly
  12. I want that console too the Switch in my house belongs to my son, he got it for Christmas and now I really want one. I think I’ll buy the Lite next payday because it’s a lot cheaper, I really want Animal Crossing to myself and the Zelda games.
  13. I’m taking my kids out of school today. If they fine me then so be it.
  14. My neighbours on both sides are in isolation because they have temperatures over 39 degrees and can’t stop coughing I collected medications for them last night and posted them through the letterbox
  15. Yeah, I couldn’t be arsed to read it properly, just saw the title and the replies and responded to that Anyway, I think Myles is totally wrong for GnR songs. He makes them all sound the same and dull as ditch water. GnR songs worked with Rod Jackson, his WTTJ was pretty great and Scott weiland did a good job with ISE. So I don’t feel it’s disloyal to Axl to enjoy it when Slash plays GnR with another of his singers ..... just Myles sucks so bad at it.
  16. The question wasn’t about Axl though - it was just about how do you like Myles singing GnR songs. He sucks.
  17. Currently playing Kindom Rush Frontiers on the Nintendo Switch - I love this game.
  18. Can’t stand it. The songs sound completely different with him singing, shit. I thought Nightrain when I saw SMKC live might’ve sounded okay - but nah, it was shit
  19. It’s shit that they don’t play Manchester any more. Adds on double the expense going to London or Glasgow when you live in the middle of the UK
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