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  1. The General is an industrial shitsong,Killing Floor a catchy coversong.
  2. Production is just awful,vocals are all crappy,the only i liked is the refrain and the soloing of the lead guitar at the backround.Nothing memorial so far,all new songs are just mediocre if we want to tell the truth.
  3. Hard Skool 7,just a decent rock song with 80s vibes,sounds like an old leftover from back then. Absurd,2,one of the worst new GN'R songs,industrial piece of shit,cannot even hear it. Perhaps ,7,good song,not something too memoriable or special although. The rest,just crap songs not even worth to hear.
  4. But when Brock said back in years to hogan," party it's over grandpa",he was right,as grandpa hogan destroyed with blood in his head. Only Goldberg and Roman Reigns can kick his ass.
  5. Brock Lesnar bullying everyone,i think some Goldberg and some Big Show should kick his ass,he is doing badmouthing often to others,yeah,he is a beast but should show some respect to older players that have a history into WWE. Triple H kicked his ass i think some years back.
  6. Put out that CD II to finish with CD stories,this band now,can't be the shadow of CD and hold em back.
  7. It's just a leftover of CD that kicked out of CD and didn't make it to be in.From this line up i expect high quality music,so,no the song remains mediocre and nothing memoriable at all.
  8. It's nice to see Slash,but how nice to hear Myles high notes?
  9. I will not push my self to like the song,it's just indifferent to my ears.
  10. We have got 3 new songs so far,none of them is a game changer or a huge hit to become,just we are happy that they released it finally.
  11. Nothing special,nothing memoriable,just a decent song,an old leftover from CD stuff,i'm not impressed,nothing better from hard skool.
  12. For all those leakers,fakers,scamers,clickbaters,for the manager said lies,a big fuck you,fuck your fucking selfs,you said about the band gonna release the song Perhaps 11 aug and nothing happened as most times.Get the fuck out of GN'R world.
  13. I've read some people discussing negative that Slash did wrong notes and falsettos etc,for god's shake,who the heck noticed something like that,even if you have perfect ear training,it's tough to notice wrong notes.Slash played fine,not perfect but fine.
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