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  1. Woah. Who would’ve thought he would sound this good after Hershey. It’s not as good as 2016 but it’s head to head with 2017 Axl and waaaay better than 2018, 2019 and the few 2020 shows
  2. Maybe it was intended to be for OMG and they ended using it for YCBM. The animations have been the same since 2016 for many songs and if I’m not wrong, YCBM had Terminator-ish graphics
  3. I feel like Axl’s head gonna explode some day singing that last hardskool verse
  4. They could play a Midley like they did in 01 VMAS easy, jungle, Maddy and hardskool. a
  5. Uh I don’t know if Algeria is safe enough for touring or visiting as a tourist. Plus many countries in Africa have very small airports with poor infrastructure for the band to make it safe out of the airport
  6. Fuck yeah! I guess it will get better but we got fucking HS!!
  7. I may have the ‘GNR Jersey’ too much under my skin (sorry if the translation is not that good, it’s a Spanish word thing… it means I’m a huge fan and I may not be objective) but I think Hardschool is better than anything released by Bon Jovi of AC/DC in their last 3 records. And Hardschool is not even a top tier gnr song…
  8. I’m guessing on a CGI animation as in the absurd video. Maybe the chick dancing with the HARDSKOOL font on it. a lyric video would be cool IMO
  9. Just heard the song. Fucking amazing guitar work by Slash. Bass line is killer. As someone said: back in 2006 when I heard the 15 second checkmate clip I would’ve thought that the entire song would come out WITH slash and duff on it. Being a gnr fan sometimes Can be shitty but oh man how I love these guys
  10. What Clip? Margot’s one? Or is it another one from last show?
  11. Meegan stream wasn’t complete, so, they may have played HS.
  12. Soundcheck: civil War, Absurd, Coma (Meegan stories)
  13. I remember being really disappointed after Rio, cause I had tickets for Buenos Aires (7 days after Río) and the Buenos Aires show was amazing. Axl was in top shape and Estranged was my personal highlight of the show. It was weird that no one payed that much attention to Going Down, it was on the set list and it was a new song
  14. Ok now Susan teased Hardschool (Milwaukee soundcheck) in her Instagram stories edit: and Frank reposted it
  15. I tried searching for ‘Future Past’ (Duran Durans next album title) which isn’t out yet and it happens the same, Duran Duran is the first result
  16. I remember the 2011 Estranged hype. Actually, the whole RIR 2011 had a LOT of hype, at least in the South American forums. 2010 was a great year for GNR and we here hyped for the first pro shot with that fully rasped Axl voice, plus the band rehearsed OMG and Going Down was on the set list. Then we all saw what happened, but it was a great moment in the SA forums
  17. Ok, now it’s working for me here in Argentina. I type ‘Hard Sch…’ and the first thing that comes up is Guns N Roses and then some official playlists
  18. Meh. with the NZ/Aussie in doubt and Mexico cancelled maybe they play it before the US tour ends.
  19. My guess it’s they’ll play it even after civil war or at the encore
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