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  1. Not to mention its from the wrong show.... Axl gave paradise a real good go last night, that last high note almost snapped into 06 Axl sound. For sure his voice is definitely older/deeper than even back in 2017 and I doubt he could do that for too long but it was still a damn good effort.
  2. Just listened to jungle, have to say that was basically a 2017 version, it was pretty damn solid and strong sounding. I guess axl knows he could give it a little push given the rest upcoming.
  3. Yep as part of the history tour. However that tour also cancelled a small leg of the tour in north Africa (another Tunis gigs, cario and a couple of casablanca gigs due to security issues).
  4. I agree he often was in cruise control in 11-14. But he could still turn it on if he wanted to (Denver 11, Philly 12, and the last 2 shows of vegas 14 ). I don't think he could put those sorts of performances anymore even if he wanted to. The rasp control/power and to a lesser extent his very top range are just gone. So in 11-14 there was at times a lack of effort. Its like he was using 30% of say 75% of his voice that was left. nowdays I don't doubt he is using a far higher effort level, its just what he has left in the tank is much reduced.
  5. I think axl sang the song in the best style he could. Had he tried the rasp it would have been a mess given the state of his voice overall. Imo the verses sounded like a weaker version of the song.
  6. They've basically behaved as you'd expect from a band this year. I'm not sure whether that's worthy of huge credit, but its for sure a step forward. Hopefully it gets Axl creative juices going again a little seeing how it is possible for this version of the band to make new music. I think the experience they had in the mid 90s really made them all very cautious. Finally, I think it does seem likely that this was planned in 2020 but covid did actually shut it down, as some from within the band mentioned.
  7. He could probably use the vocal style he uses for the chorus of your crazy (esp the 2nd one) these days, maybe just clip into the light head voice for the highest notes of the verse. It may not quite reach the same note but itd be more comfortable and project better, then switch into the shadow voice as you say. Given this seems to be getting much better reviews than absurd I can't imagine axl won't play it, and the band 100% are ready and want given they sound check it. Given it was sound checked with coma yesterday and how it keeps getting sound checked suggests it's not far away now.
  8. Shadow sounded great. Coma also was surprisingly OK as well, obs weaker than 16 but perfectly listenable. Shame about no hardskool, but we cant claim Axl wasn't confident vocally when he busted out 2 of the hardest songs on the current rotation list. Just didn't feel it, but it cant be long now imo especially with the media picking up on the song now.
  9. Ultimately I dont think it holds a candle to hard school. However for how many years have we been asking for new songs from the guys? I know its not technically a new song but its unreleased in any form and most of the general public will think its literally new so no difference really. At least the band have finally shown they have *intentions* of moving forward. Something which even a few weeks ago most on here thought of as absurd!
  10. His voice is simply done in, its been steadily going downhill since 2016 but he is really struggling with it. He is now imo very close to totally losing the top end stuff and once that happens he will have to become more of a crooner type vocalist as he simply won't make the top anymore. He is trying but you simply can't produce whats not there to produce anymore sadly. Time for him to adapt the style or the setlist. New songs designed for his current voice would go a long way, save the high stuff for a couple of classics.
  11. Yeah it may well have few songs. Generally the solo/sweet child generally has been between 10-15.so those three come in a touch under 20 mins
  12. Its going to have something from Mexico 2016, well at least one song. the copyright tags which show what songs are in it shows twat We know the only time it was played in Latin America was 20.04.2016. It may end up having several different clips, but twat at least is from Mexico City.
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