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  1. So nobody ever told us baby How it was gonna be So what'll happen to us baby Guess we'll have to wait and see
  2. WTF? So I asked Marsha what is the difference. Apparently a boardwalk is above ground and requires approval but stepping planks are in ground and don't require approval. What looks like a boardwalk to me is in ground so we're going with a term I'm sure Marsha just made up. Marsha did come up with a good idea for the whole reorganize us thing so we can add three people involved in all our shit to the voting group. Instead of all us hashing it out, we'd throw it out to a "focus group". Gets me out of endless meetings where they try to give everyone a title and assign them projects to
  3. Craig was over and fixed the heater! He said they grow pot not from seed but from clones, same as cuttings. No stems and seeds in your supply. He too was surprised at the price. I could see dollar signs in his eyes. Well, come to find out the boardwalk also referred to as stepping planks did come up in discussion a long time ago with both Justin and Alex there. They were informed.
  4. I haven't heard the term brick in a long time. That is still expensive. I think a kilo was $240 the last time I got one. What you should think about that is a lot of people "went in on it". It's only approved for medical here and you have to carry a card. No recreational usage. Fuck, I was out taking pictures of the creek project and took one of the boardwalk. I sent it out to the leads group which included Justin. He immediately wanted to know all about the boardwalk and thinks we need to tell the Extension. I, of course, have to tell Marsha I blew it, we were just not mentioni
  5. I asked Craig about trying it and that's when we got into the whole drug screen discussion. I don't know how he plans to test his quality. They did start selling it in the county over from me. I saw a price tag for 345 an ounce. WTF? Back in the day I could get a kilo for less than that. I've been priced out of pot. Oh yeah, I'm the one who recruits garden leads. It's availability never got out to the group. I'm going order one of those plant augers. Have Craig show up with his drill and his charger that holes 6 batteries and go to town on planting. Fucking moles. I've been
  6. Yeah, all teeth come out. I'm hoping they put me under for that and don't just numb up my mouth. I was thinking, after this never again will I have to have my mouth numb or have a toothache. No more caps or root canals. I can smile again. Not sure what to do with my hidden bottles of whiskey that I kept around for toothaches. I like swapping stuff. This guy also has recycled wood. We're thinking about putting a wood floor on the pergola. Somebody put down stepping stones and it's a mess pulling the weeds in between those and pushing down the stones after the moles come through.
  7. www.pinballmap.com Think this only works in the US. You can use it to locate a machine close to you. Since the game just came out you might have to check back. That is 6 balls you get with the multi-multiball.
  8. He didn't have many options for me. I settled on dentures. Been trying to avoid that as long as I could but time's up. I go back on Thursday for the molds and in about 3 weeks I'll have perfect teeth for the first time in my life. And I'll be able to smile in the kid's wedding pictures. Holding onto that and I'll get through it. In the meantime I still have the offending tooth. It may come out when they do the mold. I'm a little bit freaked about the whole thing. Marsha called. We're going to be able to use Gary's dump truck to get leaf mulch after construction. We just have to
  9. That's pretty cool they are lifting the soil. Lily has some of those freak outs. Her eyes get all wide and she's running all over the house. The part for the heater doesn't come in until tomorrow. I'm huddling around the space heater.
  10. That wasn't tiger mom was it? Any news on her? I haven't tried it yet. My front tooth is about to come out so I'm not eating much. I have the dentist today. This is not going to be pretty or cheap. I have a meeting with my other garden club this morning in the park. It's wet and cold out there. I was hoping they would cancelled but it's dues month.
  11. Oh fuck, my pro friend and the game's owner has already has scored over 14 million on it. Said he got 10 million on a single jackpot shot. I don't mind that he kicks my ass when we play, I just want a chance to play once in a while. I can usually play another game while he's playing one ball. I did ask him if he knows a game's location in the Chicago area for another friend.
  12. No but it may be something specific to hydroponics with the antibacterial stuff. I would think you would want those little bacteria but maybe they don't with that. People snitch on each other all the time. Mostly because they want me to do something about something they don't like. I'm cleaning containers again. These will be my personal ones for what I grow. I made a kale and cabbage salad. Not sure how this is going to taste as a combo but I'm thinking about putting raisins in it.
  13. Oh god damn it. Alex has been all over us about one of our storage places being a mess. Kevin finally cleaned it up, looked nice but today it's a fucking mess again. I can narrow the culprit down and they were all included on the email. Somebody is going to confess. Garden is ready for construction. I just had to move the trash can out. Leslie's team was up there filming for the QR codes. They are moving on that project. And I got her team to take home some of my stash. I have all these plants I over winter in containers until I can find them homes but this year I don't have leaf
  14. Anybody catch SNL last night? If you can take a little ribbing on your candidate's personality it was hysterical. They had Biden signing won't you be my neighbor from Mr Rogers. Everybody took a hit.
  15. Yeah, I had a great time. You hit that one where there are balls everywhere and it's wild. The guys playing were good. They doubled my highest score and they had no idea how to play it. Gave me a chance to watch the top board. I hadn't played since the lock down so it was nice to be back. Didn't recognize anybody working at the bar though. They've had a complete change of staff. There was only 6 machines in the whole place for social distancing. Construction starts at the garden tomorrow. I have to run up and make sure all our shit is out of the way.
  16. I can't say I watched the videos much. Kept my eye on the ball. It likes to drain down the middle and the tips of the flippers aren't going to let you roll the ball back. Think that happens with all new flippers. It does do a nice roller over to the other flipper. It's not a fast machine so you can grab the ball and take shots but the good ones are on the left and I'm better at the right ones. The ball disappears up at the top and has several directions it can go. I didn't tilt it but it tilts easy, also could be how the owner has it set. It does get some vibration going, I think from
  17. So I'm on my way to play pinball, all excited. Getting on the highway I can see there is a slow down. It's a Trump parade. Long line of pickup trucks with flags attached to them. Looked pretty cool and people were having a good time. But, fuck you Trump, get the hell out of my way I'm going to play pinball! Another thing to blame on Trump.
  18. That was fun. It has a multi-multiball, might have been 6 balls might have been more and it's on save for a while. The balls just kept coming! Think that's Axl's voice telling you to shoot the ramps and loops. You get all the lights going and it's amazing. Pretty easy to get the songs going. GNR songs go so well with pinball. One of the ramps is two drum sticks. Fell off that once and jumped a rail. For the ball lock you go to an upper level with a flipper. Lots of drum hits when you bounce off stuff. Think that was a doorbell on one of them. Saves your ball a lot but that may just
  19. It's in! I'm off to play GNR pinball. Look for pictures to come your way.
  20. I brought in all my plant containers. The ones that go in the garage. Covered them in plastic so the cats don't use them as litter boxes over the winter. Tried to condense them in case I have the greenhouse in the garage next year. Nice day but the winds are gusting hard. It's really dry out there. Hopefully we get that rain tomorrow. I don't get all the security around pot either. Not like you can't get it elsewhere. Craig is not sure how people will feel about it so he's keeping it low profile.
  21. I can start the heater manually if I need to but it's not that cold. Good call on Craig. I confused you. Marsha heard the property next to the garden is being developed for something with pot, nothing about Craig. I confused him too with my Marsha comment is why he told me what he's up to. He's got some social media under development and somehow that triggered some of his friend's social media accounts and now they know. He was trying to figure out how that was happening. Marsha would have been a very distant social media connection if she knew but she doesn't. I'm not tellin
  22. I don't know how to explain why Leslie is painting. If you met her, you would totally understand. The QR at first would just explain the garden you are looking at. We may branch out from there to other things. He replaced a switch on the heater and it worked for a while. He thinks it's the inducer fan and I will have to wait till Monday when he can get the part. I mentioned to Craig that the Extension might be looking to sell the property. He nudged his business partner and said, we could have a greenhouse. I said, oh no, I'll be calling you to help take it down and move
  23. Well, they were pretty heavy into drugs and in that world shit happens. You're true Deadheads are gypsies, they will steal you blind. Keep your distance. I want to say those were solar panels I saw. The garden looked pretty big and well cared for from what I remember. I think it was a google sky view I saw. We're looking at QR codes for the gardens. Those barcodes that look like ink blots. Met with one of people about that this morning. They are going to make one up and see how it works. We may be going high tech. Leslie is continuing to go merrilee around the gardens paintin
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