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  1. I'm a lazy gardener. I have to bring the potheads home tomorrow. They took down the cold frames where I use to over winter them. I don't want the clay pots to get wet, freeze and crack.
  2. How much snow do you normally get? My sister in Michigan is digging up all her bulbs for the winter. What she does to winterize her garden is far more then I would ever want too. I mow it down and throw leaf mulch on it.
  3. The repair guy got it working but he says it's running hot and may stop working any day. He said with the price Craig is giving me he would pull the trigger and do it. I have to say Craig's price is far less that what I was expecting. I don't have to sell pot. So I'm getting a new AC and heater. My repair guy says Craig does good work. We are still limited on numbers to work on the greenhouse. Will is coming which I don't think is good as he's a transplant person. But it's up to him to judge his risk.
  4. Has the game had time to get out to the rest of the world yet? I would think since it's so big it would be traveling by boat instead of air. You might google a map specific to Australia.
  5. Marsha works part time at Macy's. She's too young to retire. Tomorrow we clean up the greenhouse. All the tables have to come out and get bleach watered. Any spilled dirt gets vacuumed up and the whole place gets straighten up. It's a big job and involves a bunch of people. Somebody recommended pickled dilled green beans. Thought that might be something you would like. We got hot yesterday. The temperature is going to drop big time today after lunch and rain some more. The creek project got one day of work this week and they haven't been back. If that little bit of rain stop
  6. We did manage to get the shade cloth off the greenhouse. Marsha was feeling better.
  7. You are not getting out of it that easy, you are a gardener! Try again. I wasn't impressed with the high tech cleaning stuff or the associated cost. I like my battery powered toothbrush the best. The oral surgeon wants a consult first and he can't do that until the third week in November. I got my biggest bed down. I found another exit hole the groundhog had made in the back of the bed. It's hot out there today. Don't think we will take the shade cloth off the greenhouse today. Marsha's husband is having car trouble and she went to work with a headache.
  8. Darn, I guess start some more. The dentist should go okay today besides having to give them money. The other heater guy is coming tomorrow so I can work at the garden today. That heater maybe 20 years old. Can't remember when I replaced it. How many people can I have at the house during a pandemic? I might end up working for Craig selling pot.
  9. Fuck. Craig says the heater has to be replaced and my AC is on it's last leg. It's cheaper to do them both at once. I'll call the other guy I use and get a second opinion but fuck. We're getting into the 80's today and don't get down to freezing until Tuesday. In the meantime I've got the dentist today, clean up my beds and take the shade cloth off the hoop house. Plenty to keep my mind on. The disease deforms the flower and makes the seeds sterile. Also infects all the plants around it. We don't have to get rid of the soil.
  10. The group working on the QR codes. And one of the propagation beds got Yellow Aster, plant disease. Marsha and I just dug out the whole bed and trashed the plants. That's going to upset Glenda. Plus we are removing the bed as it was voted out over a year ago. And we're going to move one side of another bed to that spot to it evens out the area. Surely that will upset someone. And then there's Kevin and the tree. I do not have a group of happy campers. Craig came over and worked on the heater again. I have to wait until the gasket sits for a bit until I can turn it on. H
  11. I hope so. My video crew just imploded. It was Tiffany's idea and Zack took it and ran with it. Tiffany got all offended. I'll give them a minute to see if they work it out. You notice people are just pissy? They get that way in the fall then you add in covid and we all need a sunny vacation. Salad was great but I ran out of raisins. Went to the grocery store today. People are stocking up again.
  12. Marsha says no risk with the light if it goes bad. Missed the Japanese Maple. I'd say if it died there twice sorry but this one will die too. It doesn't like that spot for some reason. Trees get too big to amend all the soil they grow into but it could be the light, too wet/dry area, too cool/hot.
  13. That could be the bulb. Take out the one that is in there and put in a new one. And then there's part that Marsha talks about but when I had a similar issue, it was the bulb. I may go with Arabis instead of pansies. New plant to me. It's perennial that blooms in the spring. Best for a rock garden which is kind of cool because it's full sun and I don't like to water so drought tolerant.
  14. We do have just yellow pansies! So that will be yellow, green and red for the butterfly in the spring. I'm looking at Gazania and Celosia for the summer although Ken hates Celosia. Was woke up by the carbon monoxide detector beeping at 6:15. It's the heater. Craig says it needs a gasket. Make these troubles stop.
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