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  1. If any of GNR are in the crowd at the Stones concert, I'm not going to be able to recognize them.
  2. That was fun, good interview. I must have missed Axl was into archeology. Michael has a cool job and he's so into it. How do you get a job like that?
  3. You're an idiot if you don't allow your music to be used in commercials, TV, video games and movies. If you think you're going to make any money by selling just CD's, your crazy. Every avenue for an income source needs to be utilized if you want to support yourself in the music business these days.
  4. Global Facebook outage. Thank god that didn't happen last night.
  5. Thanks, you're welcome. It's nice to have the other people doing streams too. We've got them covered.
  6. Shit, they're gone. Nice to watch the shows with everybody. See you next time.
  7. Nope We'll see if Jarmo can find out. Manish Boy is right but I think you got some Fats Domino to begin with.
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