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  1. UYI album covers, same picture different colors. I've been following this band too long. Or too closely, something too much.
  2. Want me to get it started? When was the last time you saw twins? I'm not even going to stat guessing.
  3. Thank god you are clueless about that whole world. Darn I hope this isn't another band that goes down due to drugs.
  4. God no, don't start talking equipment. Good interview. Richard is so cool.
  5. Fucks with me too. You can meet me at Jarmo's place or the outlaw board. Got a few things to take care of but I'll be back.
  6. My other brother finally returned my call. This is the one after me, the other brother is after him. He's had his dentures for 5 years. Geez, that went by fast. Said it ain't a big thing. He's happier now. He saw the drug store. Same thing I thought, what a dump. "It's smaller than I remember", for me too. We were a lot smaller back then. So I called you and emailed you and you're just now getting back to me? Something is wrong. I caved. The government is going to send me a check so I treated myself. Got the two for $20. Included a spinach artichoke dip I ate with a spoon,
  7. Happy Holidays to all of you!
  8. Crisis averted, they got invited to her other sister's house. We do up Christmas big here. I love giving a good gift better than getting one. I go into a dead panic trying to think of one but eventually I come up with something I really want to give. I know you have that multi tool. You can open it. But yeah that's a good way to fuck with people. Wrap their gift in red and green duct tape. Excuse me! I have been hanging around waiting on GNR to release music for 20 years. We got one album. I'm going to occasionally bitch about it. And I'm not going away! I haven't done
  9. The Dead release all kinds of stuff, all the time. Welcome to Shakedown Street. But they do release some free stuff once in a while. And once in awhile I buy their overpriced shit. I don't know where GNR is. Hopefully Axl is up in the mountains and the rest of them got out of LA. We do the family party at mom's on Christmas Eve and I will give the wife her gift then. But because Karen has to work on Christmas Eve we planned for mom to bring her gifts for Karen and Caleb to their house for Christmas dinner You know I have a pile of gifts for Karen and Caleb so I got my mom and siste
  10. Fuck, my mother calls up and asks if it would be okay to bring my brother and his wife with them to Christmas dinner at Karen's. I don't have gifts for them! All I could say was no. "Well your sister just thought." No. We left it at "just think about it". Yeah, I can't think of anything to get them. I already got her name in the family gift giving. This puts a dark cloud over the special Christmas I was planning for her. Thing is they probably would have said no. That guy apparently feeds those raccoons all the time. He has his own youtube channel. Hands were clapped and th
  11. You would love it. I used a clapper to get them dressed. Orange dresses and yellow headdresses. And I'm smashing mirrors. I'm trying to work through something. I don't think it's going to end with one mirror. The girls got diamond bracelets out of it. No idea how you guys are going to shave. Better keep them hidden. You don't have to watch the whole thing but you will. I got up at 3. Lily went out and Little Boy showed up. Hope you slept well. I don't really mind being up like this. When Simone comes back in I'll probably go back to bed for a while. But it's a
  12. Haven't heard that either but I have his two releases. I won't go without a fight. My friend in Arizona saw it. Cloudy in Michigan so my sister didn't see it. Did you get the Dead's Ripple video to open? I get an error going to the page. Hopefully they will get that fixed tomorrow. I really wanted to see it. Maybe I shouldn't temp Little Boy to come until after I deliver my gifts. He might spray them. Would hate to rewrap gifts. Guess it's time to get the girls in costume. It's almost show time.
  13. People with telescopes could see the rings and moons around Saturn. If I get covid because of Christmas you can think of me as leaving with the Christmas star. Not bad eh? Marsha brought up that about the gardens but we don't own the gardens. That's on the Extension and we are inspected for our plant sale license. I can eat ravioli and bread pudding. Sounds good!
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