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  1. https://www.hoopladigital.com/ This is another free service if you have a library card. Says some of the Canadian libraries offer this service. "hoopla is a groundbreaking digital media service offered by your local public library that allows you to borrow movies, music, audiobooks, ebooks, comics" I get 10 per month. I was looking at it for audio books but they do have a rather large collection of Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia albums. And yes they have all the GNR albums.
  2. Protein cookies sound good FOR you. Damn that M-I-L tongue has gotten so big I almost couldn't carry ut unto the house. It needs dividing but all my pots for it are currently being used. Got the jade tree in along with the peace lily. They grew too. Got my workout in. The rest can stay out for a while longer. Did have a nice time with my daughter. We got her shower invitations out. Said they got the shit scared out of them crossing a bridge over a lake with the storm. The bridge was closed shortly there after. Paul wants us to come over and pick apples. Not really up t
  3. Goes along with the phrase, why did I set down my pruners. Still trying to figure out if I got all the splinter out. Looks like just a blister but it's kind of red. No cricket powder for me! Marsha is lead over the plant sale. She would like to be overall lead someday but nobody is taking the plant sale lead anytime soon. We help each other out. Waiting on the kid so we can go do her stuff. Mike's been complaining crickets are getting in his house and the noise is making him nuts. Last night I opened the door and one hoped in. Tracked his ass down quick! Not having that
  4. Believe me the people in the ad weren't your seniors. Maybe they figured it might be something we wanted to buy the kids for Christmas. Take a shortcut to what we figured out over a lifetime and what your priority in life should be. Have to say it was one of the most thought provoking things I've read in that magazine that gave me a good laugh.
  5. The bite is mostly gone. Yeah, Jerry commented he couldn't tolerate the deadheads. Even druggies get tired of dealing with druggies. I offered to step aside if somebody else wanted the lead job. No takers. Nobody even stepped up to be co lead. Marsha though has been quite impressed with my leadership skills although I've been on her side with the recent issues and I say it better than she does. Goal today is to get some of plants back in here. The kid needs my help. We'll see if I get Florida Covid. DJ won't want anything to do with me for the next two weeks because I didn't
  6. I'm reading through my AARP magazine. For those of you who don't know AARP is an organization for old folks and issues that face them. They are always warning about seniors getting scammed. Anyway, I look over at the full page ad: Don't Miss Out on the Best Sex of Your Life. I'm about to chuckle and move on but the words "discreet home video" stands out. "Real people demonstrating real sexual techniques." The word learn in bold and recommended by leading doctors. Er, that's porn. I'm no expert on that but that's just porn pretending to be education. Who's getting scammed now AARP
  7. And they got busted. One violation of taking off your mask getting into your car and turning around getting engaged in a conversation. And then the repair guy forgot to call first and just showed up so the office didn't know what was going on and feels they should have been informed. Gardening should not be this much of a headache. You sure you want to support my continuing to be the overall lead? You get in on a lot of drama. You may never want to be a Tiger Mama Soon. Ouch, took me a half hour to get the splinter out of my palm and still don't think I have it all. Because
  8. We finished work at DJ's. Sent you a picture. Need a little mulch but we're done. Planted a few purple cones. It's coming along. Jan's confiscated 3 so far on her property. She lives way out in the country. Probably hunters. Haven't written in a while. It's time for a new chapter.
  9. Never trust that the house sitter will water the plants. If Susan has to watch my house I'll have to have Marsha stop by and take care of the plants. The whole garden is a sitcom if you look at it right. We're about to get busy. Lots to do in the fall. Jan has been taking down trail cams somebody is putting up on her property. I'm thinking about putting them up at the gardens so I can see what is visiting us. Have you visited the big garden you weren't allowed into?
  10. Del has decided he is going to give the plants away if people who want them are willing to dig them up. He wants to know what time frame he has to have them out by. Don't know Del, I didn't tell you to have them removed. I have a meeting that night but here is a zoom meeting on bees. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wild-ones-heather-holm-presents-the-bombus-among-us-bumble-bee-basics-tickets-106995185480?aff=ebdssbeac Kids are home. Their house sitter forgot to water the plants. Update: The ad he wanted in the newsletter says check with me on the time frame they have to be re
  11. I'm sorry your gardening season has come to an end. Doesn't Canada have some territory in a warmer climate you could move to? Something in the tropics? The kids are almost home. Caleb goes back to work tomorrow and they have a wedding in Iowa on Saturday. They aren't quarantining. We got a lot done on the side project today. Besides getting over ran by Bermuda grass, it is doing good. I need a Grateful Dead show!
  12. They are almost on top of the storm, in the clear and heading home. Del rephased it to call it a violation of protocol. Wants to do a mail in vote. Nope, our bylaws do not allow a vote outside of a meeting Mr try the democratic way. And I don't think this qualifies for an emergency meeting. Are we done now? Off to play in the dirt. Nobody caught my 15 minutes of fame. Didn't even get 15 minutes it was like 10 seconds.
  13. Shit, they decided to stay until the morning so they can drop a friend at the airport. Hope they don't get themselves in trouble. Geez Del just shut up. Get an email from him pointing out all he did today then he wants to know his recourse for people telling him he has to remove some plants. I told him last year he could not plant there because it was considered path and he would have to get approval from the leads team. But he did it anyway. I basically told him we operate on the honor system and he violated that. I left him in total limbo questioning his ability to follow the rul
  14. They went down to the beach to watch the storm coming in. Sent you a picture. Pretty much told them it was time to move on. You cooled off quick. My duck pictures made the news! Remember when I duck the neighbor? I sent the pictures to the news station for their doing something fun during the pandemic. They finally showed them.
  15. I have the you annoy the shit out of me but I respect your dedication thing going on with Del. My vet doesn't allow you in the clinic with your pet. You pull up and call them to come out and get the pet. I do have one of those cards in my wallet saying my pets are home alone and who to contact. Single people have to think of this stuff. I have got to get my tropicals back in the house by Thursday. The night time temps are going into the 50's. I know they are going to hate coming back in. You can see a pin prick. It's not getting any worse. Little sore. Not telling Susan
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