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  1. Cool but it looks like that video is done. That looks like an old bus behind the bushes. Take the camera over there! Can't go wrong doing a cover from The Band's catalog.
  2. That hurt to listen to. I'm sorry for those people getting harassed, sorry for Brando, like his show. I don't get it either.
  3. Aww his kitties are so cute! Black shorts? Are those the same black shorts that should have hit the trash years ago? Shouldn't be seen in public in? Geez, how do you get that man out of his pants?!
  4. I was laughing at the Jesus Finck comment you stalker. No need to wonder about me unless you are concern if I can kick your ass at GNR pinball.
  5. No comment on the "former keyboard player"? Does Dizzy know?
  6. How can you not hear this news and feel like 80's music just took a hit? Julie E. “Tawny” Kitaen, who famously appeared in several music videos for the rock group Whitesnake in the ‘80s, has died. The Orange County, Calif. coroner’s office, which listed her as Tawny Finley, stated that she died at her home in Newport Beach on Friday morning, but a cause of death has not been revealed. She was 59.
  7. Oh, it's not just Richard selling his shit, GNR is selling stuff too.
  8. I can't believe he's selling his shit. Is he dying, quitting touring?
  9. Total guess here. I took the equipment photo as GNR storage. That they had wrapped things up and put it back. There's been the photo saying they were ready and then a group shot of some of the band. Richard had posted a photo of the GNR pinball machine. Never known him to be a pinball player and that's a score of somebody who is good or has practiced. Something to do while he's in LA hanging out at GNR practice with Slash coaching was my guess. Just a guess, they've been together around a month out in LA and they've wrapped it up. Richard is heading home for Easter.
  10. Blame Richard for saying friend of 28 years. I should have said the 29th. Yeah I don't know how I got on his facebook page today either. I don't even have facebook. But two of you don't see anything interesting so we'll go with just guessing there too.
  11. You might want to look at March 28th https://www.facebook.com/richard4tus and ask where is he? Scroll down a little bit.
  12. Loved that interview. Dave is really interesting. Would like to hear some other artist stories he has. Axl wants people to stop saying nice things about him? Man, I would be afraid to say otherwise. I mean he does have that middle name, asshole. With all do respect, I do not want to fuck with that side of him. Except for that poor hotel employee. Axl owes him an apology. He was not fucking innocent there. Coming in drunk at 8 in the morning. Look when you're under arrest you just putting your fucking hands behind your back, go quietly, you have people who will come get you. The
  13. 8 years before it came out? I just want to say, "honey you ain't the first". Look forward to the interview.
  14. https://blockclubchicago.org/2021/03/16/lady-gaga-guns-n-roses-and-more-performing-at-wrigley-field-this-summer-after-having-shows-rescheduled-by-the-pandemic/ July 21 Wrigley Field
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