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  1. This is exactly how I would describe it. Love that it’s here, but the quality isn’t there. Keep working, maybe it gets better.
  2. I shed a tear listening to it. Very beautiful cover, in all it’s simplicity ⭐️✨⭐️✨
  3. Where I live we don’t have any recordstores left, If I want to buy a CD I have to order it anyways...
  4. It would also be uplifting in this depressing situation. A new GnR album would definitely light up my day, week, month....
  5. Thought of that too 🤔 At least a single. But at the same time it would really surprise me if it happened.
  6. Agree, so weird! Never been in a situation like this before. All plans for the next months may be cancelled. I’m angry with Covid-19 🤬
  7. This song is fantastic 🙌🏼 . Really love it ♥️
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