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  1. Rock the Rock is better than any Chinese leak

  2. Team PACMAN or The Money Team?

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    2. MEXzilla


      All I know is Floyed gonna take it by the 9th round.

    3. DR DOOM

      DR DOOM

      I'm with AxlisOld on this one.

    4. Georgy Zhukov
  3. Dead Daisies Touring June & October. Rules out any elaborate GNR tour this year

    1. maynard


      great news!

    2. supercool


      axl is certainly preparing cd2

  4. never hear anything from GNR then all of a sudden "BUY our nightrain and give us your money so we can be silent for another year"

    1. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      lol Axl's band

    2. Snake-Pit


      Like Bon Jon Jovi say: Keep the Faith, or something... Oh ye of little faith. Axl: oh shit, we need money. TV promo: Buy the new Guns N' Roses record! out now! Axl: done... He goes back to eating nachos

  5. its gold & blue....

    1. GUNNER PT


      umad. gold & white

    2. Damn_Smooth


      I've had the fucking thing change from white and gold to blue and black right in front of me so it can fuck itself.

    3. tinyrobot
  6. so Bumblefoot is in a new band with Scott Weiland.......err..

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    2. Padme


      I don´t think Axl was so surprised. After all BBF was publicly moaning all time. And over the years Axl got used to people telling him good bye... I think

    3. Axl_morris


      It would have got awkward at the "im joining a band Scott". I remember scotts epic rant to Axl for no reason what so ever.

    4. Padme


      Scott thought he had a reason. Slash went to Axl´s house. And Axl issued a statement saying that Slash said Scott was a fraud. Slash denided he said that. So Scott went after Axl. Slash said in his book it was not up to Scott to rant about Axl.

  7. So i walk into to HMV and spot an Axl Rose 2015 calander

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    2. Amir


      No 2006 or 2010 photos, shame :/

    3. ZoSoRose
    4. WFA


      lol "only spent 5 years at the top" because even danilo knows fakeGNR is terrible

  8. How would YOU fry your sausages?

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    2. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Butter = Not frying.

    3. Amir


      Butter + frying pan = frying in butter ;)

      Vegetable oil is satan's piss.

    4. GabrieL_TiT


      smartphone + twitter

  9. would you rather 10 celebs off your choice leaked nudes... or a new GNR song leak

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    2. Powerage5
    3. bacardimayne


      Nudes, provided Jackie Moon counts as a celebrity.

    4. Broskirose


      GNR fucking sucks.

  10. Richie sambora, Joe bonamassa, Black Stone Cherry, Steel Panther, Alter Bridge and AEROSMITH. beats your average Sunday night on the forum.

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    2. Axl_morris


      you must LOVE this forum.

    3. maynard


      richie sambora is a great guitarist and amazing musician. stayed for too long in bon jovi. *listens to Dry County solo*

    4. Sixes


      If I watched that, I'd be on suicide watch for days

  11. #cut4bumblefoot

  12. 10 page special on GNR lies in Classic Rock magazine.... media team are slacking ;)

    1. Amir


      10 pages on what?! :P

  13. Aerosmith with Slash - Live in 10 minutes

  14. whatever happened to the Blowout UK tour?

    1. Amir


      They're putting together the VIP package which will include the GNR Beach Towel and Signed Axl Topps card. (Note: All sales final. May not include towel or card or show).

    2. ITG


      It blowed out.

  15. I have traversed a treacherous sea of horrors to be able to post here tonight

  16. 15.2%... hurry up Adelaide!!!!

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    2. Axl_morris


      Dont suppose you know why I cant open shithawks london blu ray on the tracker?

    3. Axl_morris


      Via utorrent

    4. gunsguy


      no sir I don't

  17. GF isn't making steak for dinner. Gutted.

    1. Amir


      Well, that's the part that you can do yourself no trouble ;)

    2. alfierose


      Be more grateful or you won't get dessert.

    3. bran


      time to get a new girlfriend :P

  18. Stuck it traffic. Slash must be blocking the roads #blameslash

    1. ZoSoRose


      Dude i failed my exam yesterday.can you believe slash did that? #tophatssuck

  19. Aerosmith. london. booked :)

    1. Amir


      See you there, got my ticket on Thursday!

    2. Axl_morris


      Just watched a show from brazil on youtube, can't wait!

  20. You clicked on my profile.... And you have no idea why, don't you?

    1. axl8302


      i know know why yeahhhh

  21. Sent it today!

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