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  1. A few people have noted Pappy's absence.

    I was gone for 3 solid years and nobody wondered what happened to me.  

    1. Słash


      I was not there that time, If I was there then I would have asked about you and would have been worried about you,I do care about some nice and funny people over here which also includes you. Even though some/many don't like me. 

    2. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      Pappy is sort of like a Conservative government, he's never around during good times.

  2. C'mon guys… join in this year's secret santa! 


  3. Does anyone here speak French well? If you can, please can you PM me? Just want to clarify something. Thanks x

    1. goldentobacco


      Bonjour oui oui

  4. Hello there, stranger!

    1. AdriftatSea


      Hey Gracii!  How are you?

    2. Gracii Guns

      Gracii Guns

      Well thanks! How are you? You've been missed.

  5. How about instead of chastising Matt for his dolphin posts, GN'R fans make a collective effort to actually save the dolphins, and do a little good in the world?

    1. Powerage5


      But then we can't bitch about his dolphin Tweets. Why take away our fun just to save a species?



  6. I love that no matter how many updates this forum gets, all the old emojis from 2004 are still available. :bucket::monkey::drool::ph34r:

  7. I want to be Melissa Reese. She is in GN'R and Tweets photos of lovely food all the time.

    1. Jabberwocky


      I want to be her bicycle seat



      I want to be her deodorant.

  8. I watched an Only Fools... episode tonight.

    "I think he's a bender... we better dance with our backs to the wall tonight, Rodney!"

    How did that ever become the BBC's flagship sitcom?!

    1. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      Because my dear its only been the last 10 years or so wheres its suddenly become a hate crime to make bender jokes, hand on heart i never knew there was nothing wrong with racism and homophobia when i went to school, no one made nothing of it, it was just a way of having a go at someone.

    2. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      Plus its a really warm comedy with a lot of heart and pathos and some of the brilliantly constructed and detailed plots sitcoms have ever seen, John Sullivan was a genius, his scripts were so tightly crafted, he might slip some innocuous thing in the piece which by the end would be a major plot device, he was a genius.

    3. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      Even the bit you mentioned is a plot device because in that scene they're in a gay club n they dont know it, its kinda showing Del and Rodney as dopey, the scene ends with Del trying to chat up two blokes in drag LOL

  9. If you are attending the Manchester Axl/DC show this Thursday, I'm arranging a forum meetup. Please RSVP (either way) so I can have a rough idea of how many to expect. 


  10. Join the MYGNR Secret Santa!

    If we get 30 participants, I will record my Christmas Day video wearing a santa suit. 


  11. Just finished my second magazine launch of 2016, and my fourth in two years. *Looks for the grey hairs*.

    1. alfierose


      Congrats :-)

  12. Just spilled white wine on the cat. Oops. 

  13. Just want to say how happy I was to hear that it was you who won the tickets. You deserve them more than most. Have the time of your life x

    1. axlsend


      Thanks Gracii,

      I tried for 3 hours with the nightrain pre-sale and got nothing. Couldn't believe it when Downzy sent me a message saying I had won. He's just trying to sort the tickets out. I am so excited.



    2. Drakestar


      Congrats! It is great that it is random, but fantastic that a long time member won. I've been around awhile and won the book, very pleased! Congrats again!

  14. Lennybaby. I just want to thank you for that pep talk. I was convinced that they wouldn't be happy paying the full invoice. But they were- and asked me to round it up to the nearest £50! That's Len magic for you! ;) 

    1. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      See, told ya!  And theres you frettin' eh?  You're really cool y'know kidder, gives me faith in humanity seeing square dealin' people do well, God bless ya ;)

  15. Loving the recent hive of activity here on mygnr these last few weeks! Welcome to all the new members, and well done to us oldies for sticking with it through the quieter days! 

  16. Please can you vote for my website in the UK Blog Awards? http://blogawardsuk.co.uk/ukba2017/entries/york-fork#votenow

    1. AxlsFavoriteRose


      i am on it right now, what category is it? :)

    2. Gracii Guns

      Gracii Guns

      Any category you wish- thank you! It all helps. :)

    3. AxlsFavoriteRose


      done..good luck!

  17. Resuming my education after 3.5 years tonight.

    I don't really know what I'm doing. 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Gracii Guns

      Gracii Guns

      Hopefully Art and/or Design. If I get that far!


    3. Len Cnut

      Len Cnut

      you'll piss all over it my dear, don't be such a worrier!

    4. Gracii Guns

      Gracii Guns

      It went alright, cheers for the encouragement. Now I know more, I feel a bit more focused and enthused. 

  18. 'ello. youre the other guy from York ain't you? *high five*! hows it going?

  19. " The member Stiff Competition cannot receive any new messages" :(

  20. 5 stars for having good taste!

  21. 5 stars? may I inquire why?

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