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  1. They really are great if you like RPGs and South Park. I mean they're not like Skyrim levels of depth or anything but they nail the whole feel of South Park so well that I was laughing my arse off all the way through.
  2. You cheap bastard! You must be rolling in it what with all these club members and wotnot! * The South Park games are both brilliant btw and Metal Gear Solid 5 is wank. I’ve also only played the original MGS all the way through and the rest have all bored the arse off me.
  3. Surely this is the best time to go? Operation Yewtree should be shut down for at least another 6 months. You can nonce your way across south east Asia with impunity.
  4. Don’t you fuckin’ start! Whenever I go on about my local Waitrose @DieselDaisy has a go at me and apparently Sainsbury’s isn’t good enough for the cunt either. I’m going to have to start doing all my shopping at Greggs and the local Chinky supermarket from now on to avoid criticism.
  5. I’m not an animal you know?
  6. Pretty sure I’ve just seen Juergen Klopp in Sainsbury’s.
  7. Which differs from your pre-corona sentiments how?
  8. Helen Whately. Doesn’t take a good picture but she’s better in motion.
  9. Who’s that health minister out of the Tories who was in bother a bit back? She was a bit of a sort.
  10. I mean it's nice and all but it's not as nice as this.
  11. His masterpiece my arse! The man designed Blenheim Palace for one thing!
  12. This is why you, me and Len should never meet. It would be like the Keymaster and the Gatekeeper shagging in Ghostbusters.
  13. Yeah, and the rest.
  14. Can we get one rigged up to a cattle prod that electrocutes them whenever they have a bevvy? Oh, and film it. Definitely film it.
  15. Just downloaded a 128GB Sega Saturn ROM collection in about 3 hours. Quite impressed with that to be honest. Now to see if I can figure out how to configure the emulator to get the games working on my cab.
  16. Our government is trialling an app but it only emerged after launch that it doesn’t work on iPhones. So that’s useful.
  17. Shouldn't D&N be moved to the archives at this point too?
  18. No idea about CDs but the first record I ever bought was Got my Mind Set on You by George Harrison on 12” vinyl. That was probably about 1986 or 87.
  19. Your guy literally suggested people inject themselves with bleach.
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