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  1. Yea the lady is bad. But I think this video shows you can’t always base vocals off one cell phone video
  2. This video at the stage sounds worlds better than the few clips I’ve seen https://www.facebook.com/groups/1776500235915125/permalink/3168443820054086/
  3. I don’t have an issue at all with the clip on this lady’s profile
  4. If you can get past the lady screaming and singing, this video doesn’t make AXL sound bad at all on the song. Tons better than the first video that was floating around https://www.facebook.com/groups/1776500235915125/permalink/3168443820054086/
  5. Wankers. The whole band. And beta also. And Pele while im at it 🖕🏻
  6. They’ve never played it live or studio. There is no such song
  7. Only GNR can halt a freight train of GNR momentum from a kick ass new single. Such a GNR thing if they don’t play Hard Skool. Un-fucking-believable
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