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  1. I think Axl might just be warming up his raspy voice and won't debut Hard School until he thinks he can pull it off live. He has been putting more rasp in to the past few shows here and there so maybe he is just building up to it. Perhaps, because the technique can be painful for him, he needs to really warm up his throat muscles to do it and avoid further damage, hence why it takes entire shows to warm up. Once strengthened, he might be able to use more rasp again. Would also explain 2010 and 2016 rasp revivals. We can only hope! One last chainsaw voice stretch!
  2. Really wish someone would just ask Slash or Duff in an interview "Why is the new Guns album taking so long?". Very frustrating!
  3. “She’s not my mother, Toodd” 🎶🎵 Hooooooooowwwww, listen mother fucker to the song that should be heard!” 😂😂
  4. Thank you! Shall we build up a list of potential streams so we don't miss the opening notes of Perfect Crime?: Felix (@riverafaf) • Instagram photos and videos Paradise City (@paradisecity) / Twitter (10) Perry Sage | Facebook
  5. In case this happens, what are everyones strategies for watching the show? When the first song starts where will you be streaming? I've got these down as potential streams at the moment: Felix (@riverafaf) • Instagram photos and videos Paradise City (@paradisecity) / Twitter What are good tips for searching for live streams? YouTube? Facebook? Twitter? Really don't want to miss anything if can help it! Thanks, with a beer from the UK, where it is 00:21
  6. So where are we up to? Doors now and opening act due on at 6?
  7. Thank you 👍 Good question. Has all new show been mentioned on the promo stuff for this at all?
  8. What time do we think GNR will take the stage? I’ll be watching live streams from the UK. Never been more excited for a GNR show, hopefully we’ll get to see some new stuff!
  9. Having heard that Hard School rehearsal with Slash and Duff I’m now very excited. It has that classic Guns N Roses sound, the one we have all missed, almost Illusions like, bluesy Slash licks with Duff’s menacing evil sounding deep bass. A sound we all haven’t heard with Axl for a long time. I can’t wait. It’s killer !
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