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If u could pick a song from C.D. for a Video?


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First video: Better (with live footage)

Second video: There was a time (epic video like november rain)

Third video: This i Love (simple video, with axl on the piano and a short story to complement the video, like don't cry)

Fourth video: Shacklers revenge (something explosive, with controversial footage and images, like the live era Welcome to the Jungle, NO footage from the band or axl)

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There was a time. I remember there was a fan made on with cut scenes from old GnR vids(don't cry, estranged, November rain etc) and live footage, even that rocked. Can't imagine how good an original one with the current line up would be... Won't happen though unfortunately. I was hoping to get a majestic grandiose music video ala November Rain when Chinese Democracy was released but we know how that went :( Even the Better video(which was just cut up live footage) would've been disappointing, i'd rather no video than cut up live stuff so it wasn't meant to be. We have the album and the music is amazing and the band is touring so im very happy :)

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