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Can Guns N' Roses' release history be compared to the Grand Theft Auto Series?

Chinese Destruction

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I personally believe that Guns N' Roses' release history can be compared to Rockstar's most prominent Grand Theft Auto games.

“Live ?!*@ Like a Suicide”/”Lies” era is similar to Grand Theft Auto III. Everyone could tell something great was about to happen, but it hadn't quite occurred yet.

“Appetite” can be alikened to Vice City. The reception was fucking phenomenal. It was arguably at this point that both GN'R/G.T.A peaked.

The “Illusions” are San Andreas. It was a step in a different direction but it was unanimously loved.

The “Stories” editions provoked reactions of “The fuck?” and therefore this particular edition of G.T.A can be categorized with “The Spaghetti Incident?”.

IV was entirely different to prior G.T.A releases. It divided opinions in a similar way to “Chinese Democracy”. It was loved by the section by enjoyed it and abhorred by the section who didn't.

Another similarlity is that interest (in terms of both future G.T.A/GN'R releases) is presently at an all time low. However there are those who remain loyal to both respective concepts that are eager to see whether or not Axl/Rockstar will continue in the direction of IV or return to his/its “Appetite”/Vice City/maybe even San Andreas roots.

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LOL so I guess when they were playing in the clubs....that was the equivilant of GTA 1 from 1998?

yea, i was just gonna say that OP is missing the first games...i was 18 when GTA came out. It wasn't a first person shooter at this point, but we still had hours and hours of fun playing that in our dorm room LOL


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