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The GN’R T-Shirt thread


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How much are the shirts going for at the concerts? I want to make sure I have enough cash one me when I go.

probably around 40 jackets and hoodies etc more $'s

Yeah all the short sleeves are 40, long sleeve is $50, the hoodie is $80 and the jacket is about $120. At least at the show I went to, then the poster was $10 and I believe they had a wallet for $30 and a sticker or something for like $5, but don't quote me on the last two.

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I posted pics of the Chinese Worker shirt. They're on the second page. It would take me forever to post pics of all of my GNR shirts.

I thought the same thing which inspired me to do the following.

In the process I started to wonder if my wife my be right about having to much GNR stuff http://www.mygnrforum.com/index.php?showtopic=167708&st=0&p=2738422&hl=pinball&fromsearch=1entry273842 rofl-lol.gifrofl-lol.gifrofl-lol.gif



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Here's the one I bought Saturday, unfortunately it was the only one I bought, didn't have my size in most shirts, but I love this shirt. Got a poster too that's really nice. I did get a lot of compliments about the shirt though.

P.S Excuse my shitty camera work so it may be a tad blurry.





Awesome shirt. I'd love to get one of these. Anyone know where I could

get one, other than going to the concert (which I've already been).

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now that's a cool T

is slash the green one and axl the boob one?


it's a re-work of the original Appetite cover I'm guessing this was problly done by dj

Hey,for all you guys who have attended the recent US shows,are they selling the GNR font one (in red) with the Axl image in the font?? Just curious.Hopin to pick one up in LA or Vegas.Poster,too.

they are selling that one , go around the venue because some merchants have stuff others don't :thumbsup: at least in Chicago they did...........no cd's though ? wierd , but they we're sellind Adickless Way cd's. wtf ???? lol

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