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New Springsteen Single


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Loving it! A mix between BITUSA and The Rising. Everyone is saying this is a very angry album and that is a good sign. Album is called Wrecking Ball and is out March 6th. US tour in the spring, European tour in the summer followed by another NA tour in late summer/fall which supposedly includes a stadium leg.

Anyways, without further ado. "We Take Care Of Our Own."


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As long as times get hard, he'll always have a song for it. Working on a Dream was in the middle of that hope & change, now that it's been a couple of years later, he prob. had plenty to say, and since losing a few friends and bandmates since then, prob. wrote songs with them in mind. Max's son proved his worth on the last tour, and kind of kicked Bruce's ass into gear. True artists don't rest on their laurels - it's all they know, and just keep going until they can't do it anymore. He knows he could just grow old and fat in his mansion waiting to be a grandpa, but he's one of the few guys out there who doesn't bitch and whine about today's music. He's always kept a pulse on it. He's a music encyclopedia from what people who know him have said about him.

I still can't get over his line about anal sex with a hooker though. Wonder what the wife thought when she first heard it.

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i like it. classic springsteen, can't go wrong. i'm really excited to hear a studio version of wrecking ball, it's a great track.

also what i really want to know is who's going to be playing sax on the tour. if i'm a dumbass and that's already been announced, it'd be great if someone could fill me in. knowing bruce, whoever it is will be the right choice.

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Ed Manion was on the Seeger sessions and like Steve, was part of Southside Johnny's band. Bruce has known him since the real early days and he's been on the tours in the horn section. With Clarence's health over the past decade, I'm sure they kept a replacement in mind, in case he was unable to tour. I don't know if he's going to be an official E Streeter or was part of the sessions, or they're using some of Clarence's outtakes. But I do think the E Street is going to be a mix of the guys from Seeger sessions and the remainder of the original E Street band. Nils (underrated guitarist) and Steve will be there, the drummer is also going to be a question - Max was prob. in the sessions, his son prob. played and learned the songs.

Some interesting things about Bruce:

His sister is a professional photographer, but was a B movie actress that starred in "Sleepaway Camp 2". She was also in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" and dated Sean Penn. Sean appeared in "Dead Man Walking" which had a Bruce song, but his first movie as director was "The Indian Runner" around a Springsteen song on "Nebraska". Viggo Mortensen was in it, who was married to Exene from X. Dennis Hopper and Charles Bronson are also in the movie.

Springsteen moved to San Fran in the late 60s with his family, and did some shows there... but didn't fit in. Too much competition. Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham had their band going on around the same time, they all saw Janis, Jimi, the Dead, opened for them, etc.

He must have been good because Bill Graham had recorded and paid for the demos, in hopes that the band would sign with his record company but didn't. Bruce's band was never on the posters because Graham booked unknown bands and didn't put them in the posters. Springsteen moved back to NJ on his own, and that was all documented in the Born To Run DVD. Bruce said he saw a lot of great shows in Asbury Park on the off days, but that group of people either formed with Southside Johnny's band or with Bruce's band.

For some reason, the guys in NJ didn't get into heroin or cocaine the way it was around NY based bands, and their drug of choice was beer, which the bars gave them, but everyone who was in bands in the 60s-80s talked about the Mafia presence in the bars there, bands didn't get paid sometimes, the hint of a gun handle, tough made men and all that were a part of everyday life.

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woad was terrible (bar the wrestler), but this single is his best since radio nowhere imo

my biggest problem with his output over the last decade is the godawful production, and there's too much strings and violins and shit just clogging up the songs

anyone like held up without a gun? it's one of my favorites

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