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What influences does each GNR member bring to the band?


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It's interesting how Axl has gathered up a team of talented musicians of many different backgrounds who can perform the old material just as good (or probably even better) than the old band, and at the same time they manage to keep the sound modern. I find that the band has never sounded better through all those years.

I'd like to see a discussion though on what influence each particular member gives to the band as they all have different backgrounds.

What is the strongest element in this new band that gives it its character besides Axl Rose of course?


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who cares about the HOF? It's an overrated institution.

i was joking, buddy lol.

I love how each of the 3 guitarists has a completely different style in GNR though. Richard is a freaking virtuoso with a really unique picking style, DJ with his blues rock and more hard rock approach, and then Ron can play anything

Chris also brought a lot to the table in terms of effects in 01-02

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to make my answer short.

this band can do anything musicly!

there are 2 bands in the whole world in wich I see they can do about anything in performing or recording.

these bands are: Guns N'Roses and the Neverland Express (Meat loaf's Band)

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I'm not going to sit here and write out the influences that every member of GNR had. All I'll say is that it was a team effort that made Guns what it was back in the day. It wasn't just Axl, it wasn't just Slash, etc. - it was all of them. They were all on board with putting out kick ass rock music without any of the backstage politics and shit. Obviously, people are going to say Axl brought the most to the band since he's the lead singer. If you take the lead singer out of any band it changes them completely (with the exception of a few bands like AC/DC). If you want to say the current lineup can perform the songs just as good or even better than the original lineup (which I don't personally agree with, BTW), that's fine. But they still didn't write the material and didn't play it when the sound was new and fresh. The only way you can possibly say "this is what DJ/Bumble/Tommy brings to the new band" is by hearing new material, which we haven't. We have old material to judge the original lineup on and nothing to judge the current lineup on besides how well they can cover the old songs.

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can't really say until those guys release something together. i could talk about finck and buckethad. but, dj, ron, frank are a big question mark.

dj is the hard rock guy but all i've heard from him are generic riffs, if axl can turn that into gold, great. but i prefer robin and slash.

ron is not buckethead. he's fast. but all his solos and fills in CD are noise, for me. and not good noise. (i like noise)

frank is a sesion musician, i can see the guy playing from metal to soul music. all the other drummers gnr had are better than him.

the "old" guys like tommy, dizzy and richard don't stand out in any tracks of CD as composers, so they play ok and that's it.

all great musicians but they still got a lot to prove. if only axl would allow that.

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Tommy - punk rock

Ron - experimental shredder?

Frank - he's like a really heavy Charlie Watts

Fortus - Furs, Velvet Underground

Dj - modern Glam metal

Pitman - sci-fi keyboards

Dizzy - heavy metal piano

I think the record could be sort of punk rock, progressive, glam metal, techno, classic rock.

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