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Are you Team Bumble or Team Brazil?

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Who's side are you on?

There are no sides. I think this is being over-dramatized in the grand scheme of things.

While I don't think Bumble should've taken his criticisms/frustrations to Twitter, Fernando didn't need to touch the topic either. But, as he said, it was a heat of the moment venting session. I think it will be insignificant in the grand scheme of things.


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Honestly, I don't like either one.

Team Hangers on is more of that "friend of a friend" type that no one pays any attention to when they talk.

Team Ron.....the guy gets all angry, posts some blabbering angry shit on the internet then has the nerve to criticize what people on a messageboard are lead to think by his comments?

Team Brazil is a non-factor, imo.

Team Ron can find his balls for him. Say what you mean and mean what you say or shut up completely.

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