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Bands that went the grunge or industrial route in the 90s?

Vincent Vega

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Besides Metallica and GN'R, what are some other notable hard rock or heavy metal bands that opted to try a "Grunge" or "Industrial" sound in the 90s? Like bands noted for their hard rock or heavy sound that suddenly went Alternative or went in an electronic direction in the 90s?

Metallica went Grunge or Industrial ?

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KISS technically did. Before the reunion tour, the follow-up album to Revenge (Carnival of Souls) was supposed to be released. The reunion tour delayed things and the album got shelved. It was finally released in 1997 because of the amount of bootleg versions going around. Now it's kind of a weird, forgotten about album because it came out at a point where the original line-up was back in the spotlight.

There's some okay songs:


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