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What solo would Slash best reappear on live with Axl?


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Lets say the band reunited in secret and Axl was playing a show and Slash is meant to come out just prior to a solo, which solo do you guys think about best fit the whole thing? Don't know I thought of this topic as I don't really yearn for a reunion but I thought about Axl's pain and depression in the last few years and how he has been surrounded by yes-men and paid hands for so long that maybe all he ever wanted was a friend. What song do you guys best think would symbolize the forgiveness, release, happiness or just would be the coolest to have Slash re-emerge on stage with Axl to? For me it was between Don't Cry and November Rain but Don't Cry is a bit too fast and a bit too short. Estranged(the first blues licks at the beginning) would be amazing though, the leads are fucken mindblowing.

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