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DJ's latest tweet takes you to a site that potentially has malware.


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I'm using Chrome.. perhaps this is a false alarm, but when I clicked on the link in DJ's most recent tweet: https://twitter.com/...269045847658496, Google told me it had been infected. Curiouser and curiouser.

Here is a screencap of Google's diagnostic page. It appears that the site DJ linked to *was* safe (note the past tense), but perhaps has been compromised. Be careful, fellow gunners. If you're using Google Chrome as your internet browser, it will warn you before taking you to the site. If you're using something else... I dunno what other browsers do, but I would recommend not clicking on the link 'til it's all sorted out.



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Detections 1/28 (3.57%) Status detected.pngDETECTED

During the last 7 days potentially active threats were detected on the main site of this domain.

It is def an active malware site all of there links show up as malware attack on google even contact us forms. DO NOT ENTER SITE

I am sure DJ didn't realize it

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