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Should Gilmour have toured under Pink Floyd a little longer?

arnold layne

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No. Momentary Laps and Division Bell are decent albums, but they're not really Pink Floyd albums imo. I understand why he did it, but to me they're more in line with On An Island than any of the Pink Floyd stuff.

It was a good natural experiment to see what Waters and Gilmour respectively did with the band when in full control: Waters made The Wall and The Final Cut, Gilmour made Division Bell and Momentary Lapse of Reason. Here it depends on preference I suppose. My understanding is most people like the Waters stuff and think the Gilmour stuff is ok.

I personally like about half of The Wall very much and the other half I can tolerate, and I find The Final Cut terrible. On the other hand I love the Gilmour era albums. Gilmour takes it here for me. Live though, Waters' shows have been pretty amazing, better than Gilmour's solo and with Pink Floyd.

As for solo albums, I can't stand the Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking but I think Radio Kaos and Amused To Death are both brilliant while on Gilmour's albums the guitar is very good but the songs are kind of bland.

I think they're about even.

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I wish they had gotten together and made a bigger album from Division Bell and Amused to Death. Neither one's a concept album ,and would've gone back to being a 4 man band. But glad they did Live 8.

Amused to Death is totally a concept album.

It's really loose for a concept album like Dark Side of the Moon (they had a heartbeat, this one had the channel changing) but way more political than Final Cut. It was closer to a Pink Floyd album in spirit than the previous two he did. Had it had the Pink Floyd name on it, would've taken the band out on a high. It gets forgotten in the discography like Rick Wright's albums have. Too bad he never took it on the road, but he probably wanted to avoid more feud crap.

Some of the Division Bell songs would've fit in (with some lyric tweaking on Roger's part). I've said that about Van Halen in 1998... could've had a classic on their hands.

I think Gilmour has one album left in him, and probably would rather do experimental stuff on guitar. Flaming Lips is probably the only band Roger and David would show up and join in as guests.

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Roger Waters Is/was Pink Floyd. Gilmour should never have been allowed to tour or release albums under the PF name without Waters

It's David and Roger together that made the Floyd great (and Rick at some points). It's not one or the other. I think Dave just did it because Roger told him he couldn't pull it off, and taking into account he'd been in the band since 1968? He might have been the "new kid" in the band, but he put his time in and he's the one that sang the bulk of their songs. He's not a founding member any more than Slash is a founding member or Phil Collins was a founding member of Genesis. I think that's why he needed Rick on Momentary Lapse, so Roger wouldn't pull the "founding member" card.

Could you imagine Roger trying to get Syd Barrett to fight Dave, Rick and Nick in court?

Roger eventually chalked it off and enjoyed the "Money" from the live albums and videos. The "greater good" was Pink Floyd's music getting out to a new generation, and now Roger and Dave are known enough to pack venues, which wasn't the case in the early 80s. The Pros and Cons tour had a member of Pink Floyd AND Eric Clapton barely filling the place up.

They should have taken a break instead of trying to end it, Roger should've done his solo album without quitting, and apologized for how he was towards them.

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