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Guns N' Roses & Your Skin


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Guns N' Roses & Your Skin

by Peter Dziedzic


When I was younger, Guns N' Roses was just about the biggest band in the world. Little did I know back then, but hidden inside one of their biggest hits, Axl Rose and his bandmates included a gem of skin care advice. In the song "Patience," Axl sings, “All it takes is patience, just a little patience.” Now, some may think the song is about working through a rocky relationship, but I really think the band was providing a useful lesson on skin care.

These, we expect instant gratification in almost every aspect of life. Yet, switching skin care products after a few days of use could rob you of seeing real results from a new skin care routine. For an anti-acne routine, try the new routine for at least a week before deciding if it is working for you. For an anti-

aging routine, give the new products at least a month to do their thing and see the difference in your skin. One important thing to note, however, is a regimen should never cause your skin to get worse before it gets better.

This also raises the issue of product samples. Most samples will provide enough product for between 1 to 3 uses. Quite frankly, that is simply not enough time to tell if a product is really going to work for your skin. In fact, it will really only help you know if you like the smell and feel of a product. At skoah,

we want to make sure that you find the right set of products for your skin and your life, so we have a 60-day return policy. If a product is not working for you, just bring in the unused portion and your receipt and we will either exchange it for a different product or give you your money back.

So with regard to a new skin care routine (and perhaps no other aspect of your life), take a cue from Axl Rose and use a little patience. Waiting can be hard, but in the case of a new skin care routine, it can be worth it for the results.


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