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Phil Collins vs. Peter Gabriel

Randy Lahey

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Peter Gabriel. He's a better song writer and he's more artistic. Peter Gabriel's album "Us" is brilliant. Same with "So." But Peter Gabriel's live versions are better than the actual recordings of the songs. His "Secret World" concert is one of the most creative concerts I've ever seen. He puts on such a great show. His bassist, Tony Levin, is so frickin sweet too. The whole band is incredible.

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When I watched Classic Albums: Face Value, he was in a writing flurry that covered 2 solo albums and 2 Genesis albums. Ozzy drove everyone crazy playing Face Value when they were making Blizzard of Ozz, maybe because he had just gotten out of a divorce and fell in love with Sharon at the time.

It's hard not to bring Abacab and Duke into discussing Phil's solo albums.

Paperlate, Man on the Corner, and No Reply At All could've easily been on the first two solo albums.

Phil said he almost put this on Face Value. One of my favorites.

and my favorite Peter Gabriel song.

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