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Black Star Riders and NuGnr - A Comparison

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For those who don't know about Black Star Riders:

After Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy died in the 80's, the band was revived in the late 90's essentially as a tribute band. A few of the core members stayed and the remaining roles were filled up by a revolving door of musicians (In fact, good ol' Fortus even played with them).

The current touring lineup of Thin Lizzy was so good that they decided to release some music. Scott Gorham, the lone original member of the current lineup was very open to this idea, but decided to release the music under a different name out of respect for the original band. And thus, Black Star Riders was born and the debut wasn't half bad (There's really a good amount of potential for the future). When they tour, they play a combination of BSR and Thin Lizzy material.

I feel like NuGnr is essentially the same thing as Black Star Riders when it comes to their scenarios. BUT, Black Star Riders doesn't get nearly as much flack as NuGnr does. Why is this?

If there's anything else you want to add, feel free.

Note to Self: Listen to Thin Lizzy more

Note to Self: Listen to Gary Moore more

Note to Self: Make a, "Would Vivian Campbell or Ricky Warwick make a good replacement for DJ?" thread.

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