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2nd Annual MyGNRForum Donate-A-Thon Get Your Name in the Green (or Blue)!!!

Ace Nova

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It's that time of the year again folks!

The 2nd Annual My GNR Forum Donate-A-Thon!

Many of us spend more time here than we do watching TV (Costs in excess of $60 per month for most people)....or on other internet sites, cell phones , etc. (Cost in excess of $60 per month).

So is it not fair to ask for a minimum of a $5.00 donation to get your name in green for an entire year? That averages out to 41 cents a month. A little over ONE penny a day.

Now, if you're feeling generous, any donation amount is graciously accepted!

Again, this was done on my own, no one affiliated with the ownership of the forum asked me to start this thread. Thanks to many of you , last year's Donate-A-Thon was a success!

Now, let's get to the fun stuff....a simple $5.00 donation gets your name in GREEN for an entire year!!!

And you get a minimum of 20 likes per day!!

But the biggest reason to donate is because you respect the community, you respect this forum and you know that MyGnrForum is among the very best Guns N' Roses (fan) communities around today!


Or if you got it like Mags, be a baller and get your name in the BLUE!!!


I'm already in the "Green" but a $25.00 donation is about to be sent!!!

Let's do it MyGN'R Forum.....and Happy New Years!!!

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Thanks KK. Obviously we would not openly solicit donations for the forum, but it is greatly appreciative.

Even though we've restored our Google Adsense account, we're still operating at a loss currently. Donations definitely help keep the lights on.

We'll be making more announcements in the next month or so about perks of being a supporter. Changes are underway but, to rip off Virgin Mobile's slogan, it pays to be a member.

Thanks again to all who donated. Much love in 2015.

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