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Eating Healthily


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I should put down the crisps/chips and chocolate.

Eating right and keeping fit is a must for some, or suffer the health related consequences, that when you slack you might feel.

Trick is to maintain and not exercise your mobility away, so don't over do it.

I should eat fish and dare I say it, insects (as they happily on some continents), but I'm not about to start chomping down on prepared insects.

It's a cultural thing, sure, I'm used to big brightly coloured packaging of household brands of shit, which I don't really want/need either, but it's an addiction.

Crisps/Chips, Biscuits & Cookies, Doughnuts, Ice Cream and Ice Lollies/Popsicles.

I should get strict, a lot stricter than I have been.

I don't like the thought or feeling of eating a lot of rice or potato, and I guess I should shy away from corn and corned based snacks/products.

I am against sugar free substitutes.

I'm just going to moderate and remember, food does not fill the hole, you do.

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I used to drink a lot of coke before, like i needed at least 6 bottles in a day, I was addicted to it, my body asked for it, I gained alot of weight cause of it.

Then finally I made up my mind and left it, I havent had coke since 31st Jan 2015, not even a single drop. Im drinking orange juice and cold water and I did lose about 10KG's.

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The past year I've tried eating more healthy. Had a few instances where I stopped but have been really on it the last few months. It's paid off. Used to have at least a can of coke a day and now I rarely have 1 at all. Cut down on drinking a bit, but haven't eliminated it. Could never do that haha. Do cardio and some forms of weight work at least 4 days a week. Cut back on the excessive junk food I used to eat. It's paid off big time. I wasn't ever like, fat per say, but I definitely had a bit of extra weight on me. I was pushing 200 pounds but now I'm down to 175ish (my weights annoying and fluctuates daily by a few pounds). Dropped a good bit of fat and gained some muscle I've never had in my life.

Don't let people get you down over it. You're gunna have it from everyone. Once you can get past that it becomes a lot easier.

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