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  1. Remember hopping over to Best Buy in Canada. It wasn't exclusively sold there in Canada but I wanted that experience. I had only been a diehard fan for 2 and a half years at that point and I still couldn't process that I was actually holding the damn thing. I still argue its definitely a great album. I do gravitate to the demos over what we got. I personally don't care for much of anything that Bumblefoot contributed to it. It just got too messy for my liking. Either way, friends and family definitely got sick of listening to it whenever I was around for the next handful of months. It was the only CD in my cars stereo haha.
  2. I can't remember other shows but the Winnipeg show I saw on that tour the side runways came out into the first few rows of the Bowl which required sections being closed off. I was the last section open closest to DJ's side. I thought it was amazing.
  3. Agreed. When Slash comes to Winnipeg he plays a little theatre with a capacity of 1600 people. Him and band appear to have a hell of a time too.
  4. Same. Living The Dream was good, but I think the deck was stacked against them with World On Fire beforehand. I still whole heartedly believe that album is Slash's best work since the Illusions album. I still come back to it often enough and it holds up to me.
  5. I skimmed some of last nights show on YouTube today. Paradise City in particular. Holy hell Axl hasn't sounded that phenomenal on that song in as long as I can fucking remember. No doubt because it was the last show and had nothing to risk losing with his voice. But man if he could manage that nightly... All around great show last night IMO.
  6. Honestly admire them changing up the setlist a bit as of late. Probably recognize their overseas tour is shot so might as well pull the trigger on some changes now.
  7. Maybe my expectations of new music in these days in general are too high, but as if. 2 major rock radio stations in Winnipeg. Didn't play it. To my knowledge, didn't even mention it. Usually they'll at least post on news feeds on Facebook or something, but it's like they don't even know. Axl's running the radio scene behind the scenes confirmed.
  8. Winnipeg 2017. Patience, then Seeker, then randomly Don't Cry and PC. Shocked the hell out of me.
  9. I didn't consider that very obvious point. Entirely fair.
  10. I love Slash but that's his downfall IMO. I think he's a great player. When I saw him and Myles in July 2019 I swear it was Wicked Stone that had a maybe 12 minute guitar solo tacked onto the end. For me it took me completely out of it. Also strange to imagine being Brent, Todd or Frank playing the same riff that whole time. It just doesn't do anything for me. Extended solos can be fine, but I have my limit.
  11. This and I swear I read something from Richard pre-reunion that some of the material worked on had Slash's fingerprints on it from those 95/96 sessions. Last night I worked overnight. I stayed up 25 hours straight. I slept maybe 5 hours upon getting home. Woke up to this. I ain't even tired. I'm in love with this song. It's what a first new GNR release should be IMO. Slash and Duff really bring a lot to this material. My hopes aren't up for anything else at this point. Just happy something of significance finally happened. Once I hear it on radio and hopefully hear the general population and casual fans accept it as at least a good song, I'll be even happier. I'm tired of everyone outside of this forum shitting on Absurd lol
  12. Everytime I think that there's no possible way we as a fan base can get any worse, hey. We do. I live for this kinda of excitement sometimes.
  13. Obligatory "will tonight be the night axl plays hardskool?!?!" post
  14. "Oh you fucking GNR people and your Silkworms and Estranged. Fuck Estranged. Here's what I'm going to do. I'm gunna take a cantaloupe and carve a hole in the side of it. Then I'm gunna write Estranged across it. And then I'm gunna fuck it. Fuck Estranged!" I will never forget that online Q&A he did.
  15. This band is the equivalent of Vince McMahon with his "I know what the fans want, more Charlotte Flair!"
  16. I love this band. I really do. That being said, gunna suggest spicing things up with some whips and chains with the wifey since apparently I'm a glutton for punishment. Pain, torture and tears followed by disappointment is something this band has conditioned out of me.
  17. Yeah, Better is one of my all time favourite GNR songs. But it's gotta be dropped.
  18. Don't forget guitars and drums each up and down a decibel.
  19. Searching "Hard SK" in Canada brings up Guns N Roses as an artist. Anything further gets me nothing. I want to be excited. I want to be excited. I am excited. But I've been let down more than enough times to be effected by it if it doesn't happen. I'm ready for whatever comes.
  20. It's funny cuz it's true. Eddie's rhetoric annoys me to no end.
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