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Slash signed a special guitar for charity fund in Poland

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13 minutes ago, Ralphelmo said:

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I have to come straight about this, it's me on the far right. Works on that guitar began in April, it's a Gibson Les Paul Standard EB 2016 with Seymour Duncan APH-2 Alnico II Pro pickups. It was handpainted by polish artist Szymon Chwalisz Facebook page. We consulted everything with Slash, he signed it (we wanted him to play on it, at least during soundcheck, but he couldn't make it) and we will put it on auction during the next years final of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. Short description: Every 1st sunday of January (since 1993) Polish people gather money to upgrade children's departments in polish hospitals, in every single city and every single village, also abroad, even in the USA (Chicago, many Poles live there). It's like a big festival of generosity where thousands of volunteers across the country are carrying a special box into which people can throw money. This year we gathered over 100 milions of polish Zloty, which equals around 26 milions of dollars, everything in ONE DAY! Here's a video that pretty much explains everything, prepared by the charity itself (english subs): 


The online auction for this beautiful Gibson "Childhood" Les Paul will be available to everyone. It means that any of you will be able to buy this guitar, painted by Szymon and prepared according to recomendations Slash gave us himself. We want to raise at least 100 000 PLN which equals in 38 000$. You have some pictures below, I will upload more on my SlashArmyPL Facebook Page and SlashArmyPL Twitter Page. I hope you guys like it, Slash was delighted. I won't be surprised if he'll bid on this guitar himself. We have captured our whole meeting with Slash on camera, will upload it when the time comes. Cheers!


szymonchwalisz-slash-0dsqk.jpg szymonchwalisz-slash-sws0q.jpg

Fucking awesome!
I'd play the hell out of that. Cool story and cool guitar!!

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Haha somebody on this forum was saying Slash isn't very nice anymore because he's not been signing that many autographs, well give the guy a break he's on a full blown tour and he's giving it his all i'm sure he's exhausted from playing show's

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