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Some Info about the recording of Troubadour show

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From the video production company that shot the promo stuff:

"thank you...and then when the big money shows came around,,,they didn't even take our calls and then agreed with tour promoters to use their in house people (always cheap) hired a company for Dodger Stadium who brought in a "FlyPac" to record the show. A FlyPac" is what news outlets use to do live shots from intentional distentions. Occasionally they are used as switchers for multi-camera shoots...3 cameras at most. (Dodger Stadium???? Three cameras..????) The Production company called me when they knew they were in trouble..,it was my time to not pick up the phone, Fuck them"



Thanks to GNREVO

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3 hours ago, estrangedtwat said:

I.....don't get it.

In layman's terms what does this mean?  Obviously it means there's a recording of the show, no?  But it's not gonna get out or someone will get sued right?

They say that they were hired for the troubladour shows - but that GNR wouldn't take their calls about maybe filming the big stadium shows on the tour.
Then they heard on the grapevine when Axl did film the stadium shows instead of using them he used some small company that didn't have the gear and skills.
That company bought in only 3 cameras to the big stadium shows. Like 3 cameras for the whole thing.
Then apparently GNR rang these guys to fix it but they snubbed them back because they were cut that GNR ignored them earlier.
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From what I understood on what happened with all that posts on Facebook and stuff last year, the band didnt want to pay what they asked to film the big gigs and hired a cheaper company. With all this loot thing, I believe thats exactly what happened, its a shame 'cause they'll probably not release something so amateur filmed with just three cams. 

I hope the Troubadour will see the light of the day tho, that guy threatened to release it online for free or something but I dont think he is crazy enough to do that, Axl would bare him to the ground on lawsuits.

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Axl always just wants the option of being able to release something. Whether it's having a whole band on standby to release an album, having various unheard songs on the alt set list, having a gym in his tour bus, or filming shows to go right back in the vault. 

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LIVE NATION does in house production, instead of having this dude shoot the show GnR went with the Live Nations team. Apparently Live Nations in house production is incompetent and this guy should have shot the shows, so he says. That's the impression I get. Who knows or cares how well the show was shot, we are getting a pro-shot RIO tonight for free. 

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