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Mick Mars solo album with lead singer Adlers Jacob Bunton


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Mick is one of the best, if not the best rhythmic guitar player of the eighties. His riffs and grooves always stood out and I dare say that he gave Motley some respectability with his prowess.

I know he's been at work at his solo album for years now, so I am very intrigued to see where he takes it.  

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I can't see Nikki allowing it with Motley about to come back on the scene. Mick probably overlooked the small print of the new contract (that says the cessation of touring contract was never actually a legal binding contract) that states no solo releases or side projects to be released (other than Sixx: AM obviously) until the next farewell contract is signed.

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On 2/28/2020 at 3:48 AM, vloors said:


Jacob did a terrific job with Steves band Adler and Micks riffs were always the highlights for Motley. Will be good to hear Mick with a decent singer.

This may be good. Looking forward to it.


why can't it be a band not a solo album? same as Adler's Appetite sounds cringey...give it a band name, the music might be the same but imagine if VR was called Weiland and the GnR band

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