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12 minutes ago, Ralphelmo said:

It's so close to GNR world that you must've misread something.

 Not sure about that one but I know it was a well known working track name from the Chinese Democracy sessions, confirmed by Axl himself. 


Do a little digging.



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There is no point in searching for another title that is associated with GN'R, like a rumoured song title. Plus, for Ides of March there is the Myles song, so it will probably make an association that won't mean anything.

The point is to search for a totally irrelevant/made up title and then click on the GN'R page or search it in combination with GN'R a few times, then search it on its own again a few times and see what happens.

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I know this is kinda over already, but people were mostly searching for the names to see if GNR showed up, it did showed up, and then everyone probably clicked on GNR, there is no screenshot of anyone typing the song+gnr because a single spacebar after the name brought up different results, so I can see GNR showing up for Red Panda very soon because of both terms being search together. So... it should be time for all of us to take a break after all of this lol what a low point

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