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how will you feel when chinese democracy is released


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well its simple. we have been waiting for so long now that were used to waiting for chinese democracy that it seems this is what we talk about. but what about when its released. how will you feel and how do you think the forum will become. will people start threads like "do you think they will release a new album"

so my question is "how will you feel and how do you think it will affect the forum."


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I will buy it, take it home and masturbate while listening to it rock3

too much information. :confused:

I agree :confused:

When it comes out, im going to cum all over the ceiling, lick my dogs balls and do a poo on my Slash poster!!! rock3

I mean what is up with all this masturbation business? :huh::no:

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ah the optimisum of a newbie

my "optimism" goes up and down from week to week. btw, i may be a newbie here, but not to this waiting game. i come here when htgth is down. a few weeks ago all the douche bag insiders said an announcement would come within days. well here we are fucking waiting again.

back to cutting... haha.

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