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Your Funeral Song


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i dont want no music at my funeral, thats such a cliche nowadays, throw me in the fuckin hole n go get drunk, spare me the "he's was a good boy" crap cuz i know 99% of the people that know me wanna strangle me everyday :lol: all that dork ass swansong farewell bullshit.

Wow you hardass.


u can't see where im comin from when i say this whole concept is fucking crap, seriously? that whole 99% of people wanna strangle me aint like a hardass act, it's a serious observation, i mean...thats how life works, people dont walk around actin like life is this big cocksuck while it's happenin so why should they do it in death? its phoney n false n i try to avoid things like that. i seriously do look at that shit n it jus looks fuckin...i dunno, jus creepy to me, like a 100 thousand people crying at princess dianas funeral when they didnt even know the bitch. human beings r really cheap n insulting with death.

yeah I know where you're coming from...but,I gotta say...I've lost a lot of friends over the years,you name it...drugs,suicide,accidents,natural causes,death by misadventure..

Some subscribed to your way of thinking,and their send off was sterile and mundane.

I've been to funerals of friends who wisely chose music that made a final statement of who they were and what their life was about.

It doesn't have to be sappy and cliche...I've heard some songs at funerals that were meant for the friends (if even as a little in joke)..for example Death Trip by the Stooges..it was cool...way cool.

A little heads up though people,we all think we are going to live to a ripe old age,it's been proven to me time and time again,that is not always the case.I've had friends who knew they were going to pass away and made their own arrangements for what they wanted.

But most of us don't think about what we would like at our own funeral should it unexpectedly happen.

One friend of mine was a lifelong musician,a brilliant drummer,so good that I expected to go see him in an arena one day.He dressed and lived the Iggy/Dolls/Bowie lifestyle...and he did it well.

One sad day he was found hanging from an extension chord in his bedroom (depression,drugs and booze took him down).

The local music community showed up at his funeral,and we were all aghast when we walked up to his coffin.

His family and cut his hair..above his ears,greased it down and parted it at the side (the traditional business man look).They had him in a suit and tie.

It was a real slap in the face to what his life was all about,but it was clearly a comfort zone for his parents and siblings.

He would have hated it...he would have been absolutely disgusted by it.

I never ever forgot that,and never will.

My family has been instructed that I am NOT to be laid to rest in a suit...I've worn a suit to a few weddings in my life...that's it.I'm not a suit guy...it would be the ultimate insult (for me) to go out of this world in a suit.

If they did...I would haunt their asses into eternity!!...lol

anyway...something to think about,if it's important to you how your send off goes...give it some thought and let someone know.Because otherwise...you're leaving it up to other people's ideals and decisions.

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Guest Jack_the_ripper

frank sinatra - my way

lynyrd skynyrd - free bird

jeff buckley - eternal life

jeff buckley - satisfied mind

and perhaps throw in "here comes a regular" by the replacements just for good effect.

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For dramatic effect I'd have...

Guns N' Roses - November Rain(Piano Demo)

Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

Nine Inch Nails - Hurt

Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day

For the friends...

Guns N' Roses - Estranged

Avenged Sevenfold - Remenissions

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive

Giorgio Moroder - Tony's Theme

HIM - Gone With The Sin

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