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Yup, I think they're great, I've got all of their albums but haven't seen them live (yet).

Rust In Peace would have to be my favorite album too. I love the first albums most, mainly Peace Sells, Rust In Peace, Countdown To Extinction and Youthanasia rock3

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yeah i like megadeth. what ive heard anyway... when i get my job im buying as many albums as possible, for now ive downloaded couple of songs. all of which i like

the songs i have

anarchy in the uk

symphony for destruction (love that song)

high speed dirt


angry again (love this one too)

killing is my buisness

wake up dead

devils island

holy wars

new world order

1000 times goodbye

reckoning day

any other songs youd recommend?

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Right here, baby! ha

I love Megadeth!

I plan on buying the Gigantour 2005 DVD when it comes out this month. I wanna see if I'll be on it at all cause I was in the very front of the audience and I recieved a little gift from Dave at the end of the show.

Is anyone else gonna go go Gigantour this fall? I'll be there 9/22 without a doubt.

Here's the thread I started on that a couple of days ago for those of you who missed it.

& peg, go on eBay! I bought my first Mega album for 99 cents in great condition. :P

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Yeah i like Magadeth they were one of the first heavy metal bands that i heard. rock1

Dave Mustaine is a genious i love his lyrics so much. :heart:

Fave album Countdown to Extinction there's no doubt about it.. :)

Favourites songs:

-Train of consequences(oh yeah)

-Symphony of Destruction

-Angry Again.. :heart:

-A tout le monde

-Sweating Bullets

-This was my life

-Reckoning day

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