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  1. The Evolution Debate

    I honestly cannot believe this is an actual debate in this world.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Yes, it would be $20 an hour if it kept up with inflation from the 60's. Care to venture a guess at how much we imported from Asia, Mexico, etc back then. It begins with Jack and ends in Shit. We have to accept as a country that cheap, qualified labor is out there, and you can't make that kind of money anymore. Also, federal minimum wage is the bottom end of what ONE PERSON can LIVE off of. That includes safe, clean, housing, food, power. Basic essentials. Minimum wage is to keep ONE person alive to an acceptable standard of living. When people can't feed their 3 kids on MW, that is what housing assistance, food stamps, subsidized cell phones, and public utility rebates are for. Not so someone can have the new iPhone and a flatscreen. The "Fight for 15" is ridiculous, because apparently no one realizes that it is up to localized governments to change their state or city minimum wage to match cost of living, not for the federal government to give everyone what it costs to live in San Fransisco. People campaigning in New York City saying they can't make ends meet. GET OUT OF NEW YORK CITY, DIPSHIT. If there weren't likely so many videos taken by my friends of me being drunkenly stumbling around and acting stupid, I'd run for office.
  3. US Politics/Elections Thread

    You know, everyone takes potshots at Walmart because it's easy, and was at a time deserved. People said, "hey sell cheap Chinese low quality crap. You kniw what you find on most Mainstays (Walmart brand) products? Made in USA. Lets take a look at their employee benefit plan they introduced this year. Thats the largest employer in the country committing to almost $3/hr over minimum wage increase for all employees, and offering paid leave to full time employees? You know who doesn't like it? Unions. Unions that are now seeing the biggest, juiciest, fruit for people paying dues, growing just a little further out of their reach. People said their stuff was low quality and Chinese, now it's decent, reasonably priced, and American. People said hey didnt pay enough or offer leave, they institute sweeping raises and employee benefits and leave. I applaud them. They dont pay as much as a company like Costco, but they dont collect membership fees, its a different demographic. Theu didnt have to do any of his, but they did. Joking about wages and Walmart is about as topical as Jack in the Box E. Coli jokes.
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    How the fuck were the 30's Laiseez Faire? The New Deal was a massive economic intervention. and it didn't work. WW2 saved our ass because we were war profiteers, because Murica.
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Again, drawing back to my initial point, you're quick to write Trump off before he has even taken office. You are acting like the very Republicans you accuse of being closed minded.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Medicaid that states themselves said they cannot afford. You fail to acknowledge the rising premiums and deductibles for those actually paying for insurance. I never said it's Obama's fault that Congress wouldn't authorized action on Gitmo, I said it's his fault for saying something would get done that he obviously had no control over. Perhaps he could have had the mean old Congress authorize his promises when the Democratic Party held the House, Senate, and Presidency. You know, that time period when they jammed the now failing Affordable Care Act down everyone's throat. But it must have been obstructionist Republicans' fault any time he didn't get something he wanted. FFS indeed. Since we're just writing off promises made by candidates, no, I do not believe Trump will create 25 million jobs. Though there is plenty of opportunity considering the working age population growth is outweighing actual job growth. No, I don't believe he will put Hillary in jail himself, that's beyond his power as president, if he pursues it, he'd be crucified. The justice department and FBI should have done their jobs in the first place and Trump wouldn't have had to make it an issue. He has the House, Senate, and the Presidency, I don't see how the tax code could not be reworked with that kind of majority. Trump has promised a massive infrastructure bill, something even Democrats have said they'll consider. If you think he can't get a wall built with the Congress on his side, I don't think he could possibly get a wall built, you just haven't been paying attention.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    If he doesn't have the authority to do it, maybe he shouldn't have promised to do so, and made it such a talking point during his campaign. AAs far as LGBT rights, if we're talking about gay marriage here, pretty sure the Supreme Court had a little more to do with it than he did. Health Insurance? Of course more people have it, people previously turned down are now covered, and people that were covered before are paying for it through higher premiums and deductibles, and those that didn't need health insurance are now mandated to purchase something in a capitalist system (unconstitutional). Oh wait, never mind, it's a tax (even though he explicitly said he wouldn't tax people) Corporations pay little or no taxes because of loopholes in our tax code, Trump has addressed this.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    The only thing it symbolizes is that Trump said he was going to do something as a campaign promise, and did it. I agree that he isn't going to visit factories one by one and make deals, but he has no control over policy as of yet. Economic reform, once in place, will give incentive to other companies to follow suit from Carrier.
  9. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Check your math, 1,400 were leaving, now 1,000 are staying. You're not addressing my point, you're criticizing Trump for playing to the exact thing Obama played to in 2008. Hopelessness, anger, etc. And yes, I give Obama credit where it is due, unfortunately it isn't due very often. I agree with his policies on exploring alternative energy, and I guess we can go to Cuba now. Maybe while we're down there we can check out Guantanamo Bay, which he never closed. Jobs are up, but people have less money because they're spending more of their paycheck than ever on "somehow not unconstitutional mandatory purchased health insurance." Oil prices have tanked, mostly due to fracking, Obama isn't exactly responsible for that, and as we know, when gas prices were high under Obama, Democrats screamed, "The president has nothing to do with gas prices!" So you've got me, Obama has accomplished more as president than Trump has in his entire tenure of never having taken office yet. And we'll see how oil prices go now that OPEC is to cut production, probably just in time for Democrats to whine about President Trump's skyrocketing gas prices that are totally his fault. Why shouldn't we give tax breaks to companies that stay in the US? Less taxes are more than the jack shit they pay when they leave the country (Apple). Companies leave because we have high corporate taxes than they can get away with in other countries, incentivizing them to come back with lower taxes, means they can offset lost revenue with a lower bottom line. Either way, we will have less revenue, but what Democrats don't seem to understand is that the average American wants work, not welfare. The Democrat solution has been to expand social programs rather than focusing on keeping the damn jobs here. Lost jobs mean more people on food stamps, more people on unemployment, more people getting medicaid through the godawful health care exchange. Also, working Americans pay taxes, people on welfare or taking the EIC receive more than they pay in. But keep telling yourself Trump has already screwed up, despite not being in office yet, if that makes you feel better.
  10. Shooting Just Reported at Ohio State University

    And the fact that the attacker was killed almost immediately...with a gun.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Yes, if only had had used words like "Hope" and "Change" and not played to people's hopelessness, anger, and resentment. "Doing fuck all" to help them, liiiike making good on his promise to keep the Carrier factory running in the US before even taking office? Is that what you mean by doing fuck all to help people?
  12. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    That's what she said.
  13. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Awe that's cute, but you need to take off the training wheels before trying the Tour de France.
  14. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    How fucking dare you.
  15. The Hangover/I'm an Alcoholic Thread

    Well he has a kid, so a couple seconds will haunt him for at least 18 years