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  1. Move to a more enlightened state than Oklahoma and get some nice relaxing Indica.
  2. Of course it's in great shape, it's been getting a workout for the last 20 years.
  3. Kiss your liver bye bye. Booze and pills are not a good combo.
  4. Statements like these are honestly, ignorant.
  5. Everyone has their flaws, but Jesus man, well done?
  6. Is that the Constitution? I have it under good authority that Jesus wrote the Constitution.
  7. My first guess? France
  8. France, duh.
  9. Actually I laughed for pretty much that same reason. Next target, the queers.
  10. Dude just shut up and wait it out. The immigration death squads are going door to door as we speak.
  11. It's just a myth perpetrated by Tatooine.
  12. If you haven't seen people talking about murdering Trump (or white people in general) on Facebook, you haven't been logging into Facebook.
  13. Fair enough, I just really fucking hate the Washington Post.
  14. To be fair to Trump, his opponents have talked about assassinating him more than any president I've ever heard of, and aforementioned opponents have proven that they will do just anything they can, regardless of psychosis.
  15. Do yourself a favor, find ANY source other than the WaPo. Unless you're looking for the most biased, left leaning jerk rag you can get, then go nuts I guess.