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  1. New systems being released is exactly when to buy the previous gen. Stupid gamers that have a 3 months attention span immediately sell their shit on craigslist to get them a hundred bucks closer to the new system.
  2. Probably why the cease fire has lasted like 70 years.
  3. Will he go extra batshit for this one for a last hurrah?
  4. Now I have a headache and no position on new equipment. Win!
  5. I feel like, any other year I could discuss with you, "here's what I think will happen," or, "with midterm elections coming up, they'd be stupid not to..." Politically? Now? No fucking clue. Who the hell knows which direction it could take, which should both excite and terrify people.
  6. @ZoSoRose I don't look at new gear often, and I was on craigslist perusing and saw a class 5 head on there, and recognized it from you bringing it up a bunch. Apparently these microtubes are getting popular now and people have very good things to say about them. I have an early 90's Fender Blues Deville that's just too damn loud for what I want it for. Might hock that thing for 600ish and grab a microtube amp. The Bugera T5 Infinium has great reviews and it's only 150 bucks.Then who has 450 bucks extra in their pocket? I do. That's who. I'm gonna keep drinking and think this over further.
  7. However, unlike our fearless leaders, you and I can both agree from both sides that the GOP plan is a sack of crap. Still doesn't make the Obamacare regulations any less crap. It dawned on me today. Republicans tell you what you can't do, Democrats tell you what you have to do.
  8. The difference being that if you don't bend over and buy an aforementioned plan, you are now fined, what, 1200 bucks or 2% of your income? Whichever is more?
  9. As opposed to the $3,000 deductibles with precious Obamacare plans?
  10. I have a Marshall VS232 that I wired for stereo out to a Marshall cab I bought on eBay.
  11. Is no one acknowledging that the Podesta emails came about because the dipshit gave out his password to a phishing email after their completely incompetent IT told him the email was legit? And that email had Russian origins? And John Podesta had a habit of making such creative logins as "P@ssword or something stupid? Because I'd totally put that shit on Podesta.
  12. She's already coming together.
  13. Just got this black body on Craigslist for 50 bucks. He thought it was a Charvette but it's actually an 88 Charvel 275 Deluxe. Came with the Jackson bridge (meh) and a J-90C and J-100 (fuck yes). I just bought a strat head neck on eBay for 105, which means I'm gonna have a shred machine for sub 200 once I finish getting the remaining parts. Fuck. Yes. I love Craigslist
  14. I made it through about 10 seconds of the above posted video of McCains blabbering before I had to turn it off. Dude...DIE ALREADY. DIE!!!
  15. How the hell have you never heard of Wayne Brady?