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  1. Oh it was trending? Well that'll help the victims and prevent this from happening again. The only thing that terrorists learn from attacks like this is that people who speak out against open borders and unchecked immigration, will get eaten alive publicly by their own people, calling them racist and Islamaphobic.
  2. Even though you can fuck with Fire Tabs, just get an Android. My recommendation would be to make sure you have more than a gig of RAM. The ASUS is probably a safe bet, I've had good luck with them. When my boss asked me to get us a tablet at work, I actually settled on a Fusion5. Off brand Chinese crap, right? Pleasantly surprised. Full size USB and HDMI out. Something to consider.
  3. Lol my keyboard tweaked out on me while I was trying to post that very picture last night. "Does this sound like a man who had 'all he could eat?'"
  4. Isn't Kim Dotcom usually full of shit about like, everything?
  5. I talk during movies, my wife fucking hates it.
  6. You're only immortal if you keep drinking from the goblet.
  7. ME was so much worse than 98.
  8. Are they color change leds? Like on a remote or something?
  9. I fucking hate D'addarios. Yeah they're soft on the hands. But in the 4 sets I bought, 3 broke while stringing. The other set sounded like lead after a couple weeks. I like Boomers. They're cheap and last a long time.
  10. Do your hands ever get tired from grasping at straws?
  11. Ugh, you're one of them?
  12. Probably why it says "FAKE" in big letters on the bottom.
  13. Fair enough, let's have a beer. 🍺
  14. Oh let it go, the electoral college is necessary to keep the presidency from being swayed by several major cities and fucking the rest of the country. It's fair and you know it, you don't have to be happy about the result.