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  1. Little sad yeah. But its like when you divorce, you wanted it to end for years, and then it finally happens...but its still kinda sad. More than that its a relief.
  2. Would love to hear axl sing any slash song, or any other artist song of course. But if you mean the future GNR show, none.
  3. Lots of old posters from early 90's, that im not allowed to put on on the wall, thanx to my wife. GNR t-shirts, many! All kinds of stuff I used to collect before internet lol. My daughter is named after Axl. "Ruusu" its finnish and it means Rose.
  4. This! Looks so stupid for a over weight, 50+ man. Also cut the grandma hair or grow it really long. Full beard is a must.
  5. Been Axl fanboy since 1992, so hes my choice. Hes charisma and voice are so damn unique. More from adult non fanboy point of view, DUff is the one I respect highly. Getting sober, getting life together....great inspiration for a lot of people, including me. Also great musician.
  6. Obviously Matt has something to do with reunion then, if he wont comment. Cool.
  7. Watched the whole thing, really cool. RIP LEMMY.
  8. things are just starting out, why to think about the ending? It might easily be next 10 years if things go right. At that point is time to retire anyway.
  9. Haha! Yeah that too. Meant (sorry my english) the colour of the drums (blue/pink whatever) that frank is playing shining through the one of the drum stands in that new slash picture. Its the same drumset! Im too drunk to this....lol.
  10. If you look closely the hihat stand (or whatever) you can see the same colour shining in it as the franks drumset! LOL.
  11. Forget the beanie lol. But If there was red bandana....
  12. Thats what I thought too. Highly doubt they would be jamming just for fun.