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  1. I bet tomorrow is stevens night. This was just a little hint whats coming up. Its a genious plan, after tomorrow, after when steven plays 2 or 3 songs, everyboby are satisfied again.
  2. Great impersonator! Very close. But no...
  3. Axl is just standing there?
  4. Cant find any periscopes
  5. Rant, anything, some drama please. This is GNR. Cmon.
  6. Skip lither, this is better
  7. Damn, im so spoiled im not even watching the show
  8. Listened 10 seconds this kill ex whatever thing from youtube, what the fuck? I bet axl just loves it
  9. Its called HTGTH
  10. So what time is it there?
  11. Axl has seriously lost some weight lately! And thanx for that WTTJ video, its perfect.
  12. No shit. Its almost every song. Fuuuuuucckk I did again, I complained about tempo.
  13. Im verry sorry if I started some kind of fight here fuck me. Its just the tempo issues for me. Everything else is great.
  14. I dont care who plays the drums. Its not that, anyone I dont care. Frank just cant do the job, thats the problem.