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  1. just stopped at end of sweet child, some guy called von dutch has been periscoping
  2. sweet child is on periscope
  3. Angus is a legend but i do not want to see any special guests on stage unless they play on a gnr song
  4. Great show last night, the best guns show i have been to. The biggest cheers of the night was sweet child. Civil war got a great response as did kohd. The early start was a bit disappointing as it was still daylight. I would say about 95% full to capacity and the encore was amazing. The only downsides was no mobile data signal (3 network) and they charged £5 for a can of fosters.
  5. Its going to be a long day, left the house at 0530 this morning to go to london, 6 hours later i am still 200 miles away and i have no beer or vodka left on the train.
  6. Hope all forum members at tonights show have a great nite, cannae wait til i go tomorrow
  7. I received my tickets this morning
  8. still to receive my tickets for this, hopefully be here soon
  9. paid $62 for the silver bullet tshirt about £48 and it was delivered to myself today in scotland and then royal mail add an extra £16 custom charge, what a rip off.
  10. the 2nd device was just a bag of clothes
  11. they are saying that it was a suicide bomber
  12. £6 for a pint, are these cockneys taking the piss.
  13. Hopefully minor tweaks to the setlist, dont cry and patience both being played. Would like to see dtj dropped and kohd shortened.
  14. gilby then matt
  15. Its simple, cut kohd in half, dump shite like sorry and the seeker and we could have dc and patience every show.