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  1. the 2nd device was just a bag of clothes
  2. they are saying that it was a suicide bomber
  3. £6 for a pint, are these cockneys taking the piss.
  4. Hopefully minor tweaks to the setlist, dont cry and patience both being played. Would like to see dtj dropped and kohd shortened.
  5. gilby then matt
  6. Its simple, cut kohd in half, dump shite like sorry and the seeker and we could have dc and patience every show.
  7. What a horrible ending to last nights battle royal on smackdown, anyone could see aj hit the deck before luke harper.
  8. she's more annoying than ashba
  9. heres hoping for the same on the 2nd london show
  10. and it was a fkin good one
  11. mayweather and mcgregor are a pair of C**ts
  12. King James I, Matt Forte, Gonzo Higuain and Meg White
  13. Wenger just said that his side were mentally tired. If he cannot motivate his players for a champs league knockout tie, then it is time to retire.
  14. Jericho needs to put the seeker on the list