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  1. Or maybe he didn’t reconcile with his father during this meet up, despite him saying things like things are better now. I don’t think Axl speaking about visiting Indiana and his relationship with his father in this interview causes everything that is said later to be false. He’s 25 here, basically still a kid. Who knows what was going through his mind. I’m just saying that Axl talking here doesn’t automatically delegitimize anything he said later. Things are complicated.
  2. Was also there that night in Edinburgh. There weren’t many of us iirc.
  3. Boring Damn it , my favorite band, playing my favourite songs to adoring audiences around the world.
  4. If you’re in the UK there’s not much harm in buying now, you’d be able to get a refund from Ticketmaster pretty easily if the worst happens. Up to you, if you want to go and have the money now then logic dictates you should buy a ticket. I already have (for the cancelled shows), if I didn’t I’d probably want to get my hands on a ticket now. Something to look forward to right? Regarding the arguments against (the possibility of picking up something cheaper nearer the time), if everybody did that there would be no show, although I do understand the incentive. It would make it easier to plan
  5. On You’re Crazy (1986 Sound City Sessions Appetite for Destruction) you hear Axl say the words “Let me explain” just as the song starts, hadn’t noticed it before and thought it was cool.
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