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  1. Ok, it sounds better via the official channels. Actually like this part
  2. Actually think this is really lame, I expected to like it more than the demo, I’m surprised that I don’t. I wasn’t enamored or blown away by the demo but I like it more than this. The bass intro is weak, the main riff seems to be watered down. This is my least favorite Guns release, period. I really have no wish to listen to it again having spun it about 10 times earlier. I guess there’s a trippy part to the Slash solo that’s ok.
  3. Dizzy was added by Axl as a band member, and I for one think it was pretty cool. The guy is the band shots for the Illusion albums that are in the album booklet, I think that makes him part of the band. Axl didn’t add him because he felt sorry for him (I don’t think Axl is going to charitably put a guy as a band member of Guns N’ Roses, do you?). He felt they needed a keyboardist, Dizzy was that guy and fair play to him. I’m sure he has played one dud note in thirty years of playing to tens of thousands of people every night but I haven’t heard it. And his parts are generally good. He seems like a pro to me and I doubt he’s anything other than a highly skilled keyboard/piano player.
  4. Just as Lynx deodorant won’t attract a attractive mate, I’m sure people can live with it.
  5. Ok. To be fair it is looking as if it’s going to be slightly different. And as has been commented, the show hasn’t happened yet (I know it won’t be that different though). A few new songs, and maybe slightly refreshed graphics and it is a newish show.
  6. Were you expecting twenty new songs, better than WTTJ, ISE, Brownstone? If not then it was never going to be changing that much. I also hear of lots of world famous bands who barely change their set list at all, over the course of many years.
  7. Or maybe he didn’t reconcile with his father during this meet up, despite him saying things like things are better now. I don’t think Axl speaking about visiting Indiana and his relationship with his father in this interview causes everything that is said later to be false. He’s 25 here, basically still a kid. Who knows what was going through his mind. I’m just saying that Axl talking here doesn’t automatically delegitimize anything he said later. Things are complicated.
  8. Was also there that night in Edinburgh. There weren’t many of us iirc.
  9. Boring Damn it , my favorite band, playing my favourite songs to adoring audiences around the world.
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