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  1. They were my heroes before this but it was in cement after they released this video. Plus, I loved the movie. This song still blows my fucking mind when I hear it today.
  2. Just saw Guitar World posted this on the 15th. Thought I would post it since news has been a little slow lately. Most of us have probably seen most of theses 100 times. Some are still funny no matter how many times you see them.
  3. Yes, and some of them are still there on the website. I ordered mine the day of the show in Nashville after looking and not wanting anything at the different merchandise places. Got the the terrible shirt about 3 months later lol
  4. Not as bad as the terrible quality of the skyline city tees! Those were really shit quality. Especially when you consider that I paid almost $60.
  5. I would agree, but I love almost every thing he has been on, including Sebastian's album. I almost feel like no matter how many times he changes his sound or people hired by him I fucking love it.
  6. Yes, a lot of it was the same
  7. If you get the Siriusxm app on your phone you can listen to the interview on demand just search for trunk nation. Click on it and it should give you a list. Just create an account, it is free for 30 days. After that they will just send you emails with discounts for plans.
  8. The more I thought about what I said, and the more I listened to Steven talk, I almost understand why Axl would not want to spend more time talking to him. Steven is really funny, almost like a child, but could become very annoying. I think there is more to their story that we have no idea about. I just found it shitty of Axl not to show him a little bit more respect as a person. It was cool of them to include him, but he should have played all the Appetite songs like he was originally going to do. I just feel like the "big 3" fucked him. Like I said though, this is just his side of the story. The truth usually is some where in the middle.
  9. He said he saw Axl for about 10 seconds the whole time and didn't even get to sit down to talk with him. He got a fist bump and gave Axl a hug. Only saw him enough to tell Axl he loved him and thank him for letting him play. Are you kidding me? What a fucking asshole! Like I said all along, Axl really hates Steven. Doesn't seem like it will ever change.
  10. I will be listening for sure. For people who don't have siriusxm you can get a 30 day trial for free. Just download the app to your phone if you really want to hear it.
  11. Definitely not in this new pc sissy world that we all live in.
  12. Hope it is better than that beer. I even tried drinking the beer, after I had a buzz and it was still sick.
  13. @Eddie Money look at him cheesing. Sorry its not the best of my pics but you can tell how sincerely happy the guy was.
  14. I sold mine a few weeks ago. This really shows what everyone already knows, Axl is the man in control. I just want to see the original 5 and I don't like how Izzy and Steven have been treated. At least splitting up songs would be better.
  15. If you look at their books, both of them never wanted to upset Axl, so it is no surprise. Like Steven said a million times, "It is what it is". Hopefully we get a full AFD 5 but if not, I got to see Slash and Axl playing side by side and a shitload of pics so I am okay with it.