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  1. Doesn't matter to them because they can just pass the cost on to us with the tickets lol
  2. I agree and if they come close to me I would be a liar to say I wouldn't go lol
  3. They don't care they just want the money and those people are crazy for rock. Fans there just want to pay and watch. Probably one of the easiest markets to sell tickets. Like the Stones,Kiss, and Metallica they have to run like a huge company now
  4. I am just fucking happy to have the opportunity to get to see Slash and Axl on the stage together. I am about to be 36 so I saw them on MTV in the 80s and 90s.I was obsessed instantly.I never thought I would ever see them in person on the same stage. I would love them to have a full AFD reunion for the anniversary, but if they don't, I am happy I got to see this.
  5. Another good episode from the guys. Ep. 18 - Art Tavana & John Miller - SoundCloud
  6. I would like to see it, but it wouldn't crush me. If it all goes to hell after this tour I am just really happy I got to enjoy all of this. I never expected to see Slash and Axl together on a stage again, especially in person. So no matter what happens from here on out is okay with me.
  7. That is fucking unreal that someone would send that like that.
  8. Every time people would make threads about it, the mods were very quick to come in and tell everyone they were working on it. Or Send me a PM I will check it out for you. That is exactly what I was talking about, anything ordered online will be more $ and you can expect it to take a very long time.
  9. Lol, hopefully they make it before the show.
  10. I agree with that. I was specifically talkin about the online part of it. The online store is really bad.
  11. Katattastic is the only one who acted like she really did care. I think they let her become a mod pretty recently. Right after I made this thread Gnr tweeted out to join the nightrain lol. It is still the same robot. Whoever is in charge of running the merchandising side of it should be fired, for sure. Even if you do renew, it would be next year before you get your merchandise.
  12. Yep! Mine is finished now. I knew it would be soon, especially after the mod came in the discussion just to tell us we were still only there because the forum had been down lol.
  13. Just wondering if anyone will renew once their membership is up? I had the digital one that is no longer available and it has just now expired. I already bought the shirt, lanyard, and hoodie on Ebay for around $30. So to renew for $45 for clothes I already have seems like a rip off. The presale tickets that were available for me were terrible compared to the seats I got with my Citi card so I almost feel like it is a waste of money. I like this forum a lot more than the Nightrain forum too. If they were to change the shirt or offer the digital membership again I would possibly do it. So I was just wondering if anyone else feels this way and if you will be renewing?
  14. Around the time of the rumors of the Troubadour, was probably the most excited as a fan I have ever been. I really enjoyed all the periscope videos. Watched almost all of the NA 2016 dates. The hype has slowly died over the year though. I finally got to see Slash, Duff,and Axl together though. Which I thought would never be possible and I got some great pics too. I am still obsessed but just not as much as I was when the tour was announced. I would really like a bluray release or new music, but if not, I was still happy.
  15. I got a few updates to my phone and was wondering who the fuck Divos was. A little buzzed now so I thought I would check it tomorrow lol