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  1. hoping for this tonight... Axl sounds fuckin' awesome here...
  2. I have never heard someone hiring hollywood director for a rock concert shoot..
  3. gtfo...where are u digging this from?
  4. At least merge the threads...
  5. We know at least Melissa will be there...
  6. You're absolutely right... Still.. I wanna see AFD5!!!!
  7. How hard it is to have AFD5 for 53min....?! I mean come on!
  8. hey his girlfriend said that... we gotta take it for granted!
  9. you're killing me man! I'm cracking up... fucking legend! btw I dont understand aswell...
  10. After all is said and done, we gotta end this day on a positive note!... Come on man, tell me this doesn't bring a smile to your face...! It's cracking me up what I just said..(even though I stand by my statement)...
  11. Oh my god...that's what I sad... Kindred spirits..
  12. LOL... I know I would not... Noteven for free?
  13. Same thing in France... Three times sold out Stade de France... Guns struggle with one... You attended any of the shows?
  14. I was amazed when I saw Coldplay sold out like 6 stadiums on this leg in Germany.... Are they that popular over there? I thought guns could at least come close to that... Or Germany does not love them that all....?