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    DO you still have yours? Can you tell us what brand tag it is?
  2. Shit man, I wish! It's funny because I was saying to someone else today that because I am an avid collector and contributed to the box, etc., everyone always thinks I know everything! I only found out about most of this on Wednesday. But yes, I am good friends with the original buyer.
  3. Here's where you start getting specific. You even say person and not people. Dude, somehow I missed this but this is the best comment of the entire thread IMO. Kudos sir! Again, more specific here. I am glad you said this because I was about to. Thank you! C'mon man, we all can read between lines, yes? Agreed, you never mentioned a forum member by name in your posts. But others did and, as an admin, you didn't delete those comments. Nor did other admins for that matter. As I stated earlier, you guys get to run things as you see fit. And believe me, I like this forum because people are allowed to speak their mind for the most part. I'm just saying in the case of the particular buyer of these cds (the original buyer), it's simply not the case. Peace man
  4. I am referring of course to the original buyer. If someone else buys a set of cds from the original seller and wants to take the risk that's on them.
  5. I never even heard those track names until now. Kinda bizarre titles IMO!
  6. The person that bought these cds originally was in no way trying to sell them to anyone. You cannot believe me if you choose of course, I can only assure you this is true. They wanted the discs, they wanted to hear the songs. The seller wanted a certain price. They paid that price. They don't share with all the fans because they don't want to go to jail. That's all there is to it I'm afraid. Cheers
  7. I like both of you, I think you're cool and all and I respect you both, you are just both very wrong in this particular instance. I wish you were right, but alas you are not. You should really be respectful of other people (and forum members!) when you have zero evidence or reason to believe otherwise. Just my two cents, I know one of you is an admin of course, run the site as you see fit obviously.

    I am pretty sure that this is the shirt being referred to here: http://troccolitm.com/images/2011Shirt.JPG http://troccolitm.com/images/2011Shirt2.JPG
  9. Don't get me wrong, I was just asking a rhetorical question. I know full why why they don't allow things, which is fine. But then don't call someone else out for trying to protect themselves legally. That's all, you know? Agreed.
  10. I don't know, perhaps @axlrosefan4life doesn't care, but maybe the other person doesn't want to go to jail/court or even be investigated? Just a thought. Also, again I have to ask. Let's say they wanted to share it all. How can they do that if on this very forum you don't allow anyone to post or ask for leaks? I mean I assume you have that policy for a reason and I guess that reason has something to so with liability. So it's cool for you to protect yourselves but not the person that has these cds? Not trying to be a dick here, just playing devil's advocate.
  11. As a mod you are actively encouraging leaking all these tracks for all to hear? Don't get me wrong, great, just surprised is all!
  12. Selling half of my collection

    I received everything in the mail and it's awesome! Thanks again!!
  13. Interesting GnR EBay listings

    It's another GNR mystery!