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  1. Thanks for the pics, very helpful!
  2. Cool GNR Items For Sale

    Happening today, don't forget! https://preview.collectionzz.com/?utm_source=Pearljam.com&utm_medium=Forum&utm_campaign=Porch forum
  3. Yes indeed legit. I know the guy that runs the site, and I also know the person that donated these items to be sold.
  4. Posted already, but glad to see they got around to individualized pages for each item:
  5. Cool GNR Items For Sale

    Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know about this sale taking place and just a great website in general. I’ve spent some time on the Collectionzz site and have dealt with Ian. They have some huge aspirations for serious music memorabilia collectors. Community, content, transparency and of course great, curated items will all be front and center. I highly recommend you take a look at the site as well as this flash event and please share feedback with them. I think it will be worth your time as a collector or fan! Some rare GNR pieces will be sold and other rare non-GNR stuff too. Plus the proceeds of many of the items will be going to Hurricane relief! Here's the info straight from the guys that runs the site: Hey all-- I wanted to introduce myself and highlight a Rock Memorabilia Flash Event my company Collectionzz is running next Friday Sep 15th. Im actually a very passionate/ dedicated 90s era collector who wanted to create a platform for like-minded collectors to display, discover, buy/sell/trade in a transparent, more collector- friendly community. We have a peer to peer piece and then our "Reserve" segment, where we have unique, curated sales where we own items or have consigned them. We have done 2 of these "Flash" Events over the past couple months and this is our 3rd and biggest yet. In the last 2, most items sold out pretty quickly. We try to price things fairly, with as much transparency as possible (history/ provenance/ views etc). We plan to grow this piece dramatically and will have plenty more GnR material over time !! I'll leave it there...Thank you again-- Here are the links that give the info on the sale and we will unveil all items closer to the event. INFO- https://blog.collectionzz.com/announcing-the-collectionzz-m… FLASH EVENT PAGE- https://www.collectionzz.com/flashsale Any questions at all, please let me know. We have some other GnR items that won’t be part of this sale, so always feel free to check in on interested items...
  6. Hello all. I am looking for one pit/general admission ticket to The Forum show on the 29th of November. I will offer in exchange one pit/general admission ticket to The Forum show on 25th of November. A simple straight-up swap. Let me know!
  7. So, who collects the GN'R vinyl?

    lol, that is awesome. Stupid life getting in the way of other goals!
  8. I have not seen this posted anywhere but if it already has been then all apologies. From what I can recall when the tickets went on sale for the 1st round (before the recent additional dates) of the US shows of the current leg the VIP experiences being offered were limited and on top of that they did not offer the option of pit tickets. Well guess what? VIP pit options are now available for the majority of the 1st round shows (sadly not all though) and, most importantly, THEY INCLUDE EARLY ENTRY INTO THE VENUE. Here's the rub. The VIP experiences being offered currently for the 2nd round of announced shows for this US leg (and some of the shows from the 1st round) are the same shitty (IMO) options that were initially offered for the 1st round. Will they change and offer pit and early entry? When will that happen if they do? I don't know but you might want to think about it before buying tickets. While I am glad this happened with some of these shows, I would like to know why it wasn't offered from the jump? Why it hasn't changed for some of the other 1st round shows? Why they didn't correct it for the 2nd round shows? Another mystery...
  9. So, who collects the GN'R vinyl?

    Been working on it, should hopefully be done by this Tuesday night (US Pacific time)
  10. Keep your eyes open folks. I was able score GA tix to The Forum show for $350 (total price) each! Just happened to come across them on eBay. The reason I pulled the trigger is because I already had a Staples ticket (GA purchased through the fan club believe it or not) and in order to start making plans I needed to know if I could get The Forum as well. Just how I am. Hopefully for you guys they will start selling GA tix soon on Ticketmaster.
  11. And yet you cared enough to post a reply. Hmm...
  12. lol, they most certainly have not but I'm not expecting that anyways. Just an effort to improve things would be what I'm looking for. I really wrote it as a way to voice the concerns of the masses. I actually did score a pit ticket for the Staples show through the fan club presale and I am grateful for that. The problem is that it seems like it may have been the only one sold or the only one that scalpers didn't get. LMAO. https://goo.gl/images/7FfTga hahahhahaha, it truly is ridiculous you know and all you can do is just laugh.