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  1. Hard to know. That $650 price came from Mitch Lafon. Who he heard it from is anybody's guess. The 8000-8500 number came from my contact at the label. But yes, could all be horseshit. But so can anything said to any of us by anyone ever. This person has no reason to lie to me that I can think of, they certainly have no idea that I would report that here.
  2. The only Gildan shirts he sold in the past were from the New Zealand and Australia gigs. Those shirts have the Gildan tags. This has been confirmed by those that were at the shows and by those that bought leftover merchandise directly from the merch company. Here is one example: http://www.troccolitm.com/ShirtSydDiff.html Yes, most of their other gigs (not the Thailand shows) just have the Guns N Roses printed tag. However, if you look closely, even these had tags that were cut out at some point. Could they have been Gildan? Perhaps. Now yes, there are bootleg shirts being sold (mostly from Hong Kong and Indonesia) that have Gildan tags. Just saying the ones warpig sold were not fakes. To me, that lent legitimacy to what he was saying about everything. I don't really want to get into the litho stuff again because it has been discussed ad nauseum (mostly by me, estrangedtwat, The Holographic Universe, and amaninjapan) in this thread before. Not sure what pages, you'd have to search back a good amount. See above. See above.
  3. For real indeed, I was shocked myself!
  4. What makes you think the shirts he is/was selling are fakes?
  5. That deal must have only been for a day because that is not the price right now, even on Amazon's Germany website.
  6. At least 8000, but probably closer to 8500. According to my contacts at the label.
  7. My Locomotive video got taken down. Weird since it was being monetized by the label. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZdzwsVzZFw
  8. Controversial and has been discussed ad nauseam already. Search the thread and you will find it.
  9. Live Like A Suicide Poster

    Bigger ones have sold before. I have a Worthpoint account and I can post later of previous auctions. As for the legitimacy, yes, I don't know for certain. Now it's one thing that there is no Geffen logo since with LLAS they were trying to pretend that it was an independent release. But for fuck's sake, there isn't even an Uzi Suicide logo on it!!!
  10. Canada pop shop shirts or posters

    Here you go:
  11. Mean Bone?

    I'm not sure, I don't collect any of the solo stuff.
  12. I can do it for you if you want. Of course I will not charge you anything for my time or effort. If interested send me a PM.
  13. I posted this here since I am not sure how many are checking other sections these days and it's a topic that may interest a wide range of people. Do you love GNR? Do you love Canada? Do you need more GNR clothing and posters in your life? Did you miss out on the Toronto pop-up store? Well then get ready to be happy! The following websites have merchandise for sale from the Toronto pop-up store. https://shop.musicvaultz.com/artist.html?a=guns_n_roses https://ca.gnrmerch.com/ https://shop.umusic.ca/search.html?term=Guns+and+roses Be sure to check out the combos available too! Order the Locked and Loaded and get the jacket or jersey of your choice free! *Pro-tip: If you live in North America and order over $50 of merchandise from the musicvaultz website it includes free shipping!!! (possibly the same deal from umusic but I'm not sure)
  14. Unreleased GNR logos

    Sorry, I really can't recall, but I will try to think harder and I will keep my eyes peeled!
  15. Thanks, we'll see, I really hope not too! All is well for now. If it happens I know what I will say for myself, I just hope it is enough! I am beginning to feel that Alfred is a lost cause as well. Many people have asked why I haven't banned him from the Facebook collector's group yet. Only because I haven't seen any PROOF that he isn't working for the band/label/mgmt. I am not saying that he is of course. But I don't believe in acting on allegations and accusations alone, dependent on circumstances. I will talk to Mofo. I will say this - he is not someone that always tows the line. He has made some posts on the Nightrain forum that were quite critical of the fan club and management. Of course I agree that regardless of it all, there is absolutely zero need for any threats of any kind from anyone to anyone. I know who made one of the threats (the one to axlrose4life), but who made the threat to Gambit? Does anyone know for sure or will it take a cybercrimes unit to figure out I wonder?