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  1. Yeah, many of us wonder how many of these are out there. The first one I had ever seen in someone's hands came directly from a band member. The next one I recall was sold at Amoeba records in LA. There have been a few sold there over the years it seems. Most seem to be on eBay now and then. That's where I bought my 6. I would conservatively guess that there is at least 50 of these out there. Whenever I see ones for sale it's hard to know if it's a previously unknown copy or someone selling one they had purchased previously.
  2. Very interesting to hear for sure! I think the bottom line is no one really knows for sure and here are my opinions. Full disclosure here, I have purchased stuff from warpig, including lithos and clothing. And I am convinced based on quality. I have zero doubt about the shirts. For evidence regarding the shirts look no further than the Gdansk shirt he sold. I forgot to bid of course and I asked him if he had any more and he did not. If he was bootlegging them wouldn't he have made more to meet the demand? Personally I believe the lithos to be legit too. First of all, in the past GNR have set aside posters only for VIPs. Look at the Appetite For Democracy residency. Three posters from then were only available to the VIPs attending. Agreed, not the exact same situation here. Just saying it has happened. As for the current shows it is possible that unnumbered ones are set aside (perhaps not at every show) for the VIPs, and that low number numbered lithos are for the band and close associates (Fernando, Beta, Del, etc.). Considering their entourage, just taking 30 wouldn't leave many left over for VIPs. That begs the question, why not give VIPs numbered lithos or why not give the band unnumbered lithos? Well I would think numbered lithos are more special and desirable so if I was going to give ones directly to the band I would give them numbered ones. As for the VIPs (celebrities, rich people, venue owner, etc.) perhaps the powers that be figured they already get enough perks so give them unnumbered ones and if they want numbered they can wait in line like everyone else? Hard to know really. You will notice that recently warpig has been selling some that are numbered. Why the fuck would he do this if he was already doing fine selling unnumbered ones? You could say he;s now numbering them so they sell higher. A possibility to be sure. Lastly, the feedback is solid. Can't someone just ask the artist how many they sold to the band/mgmt/venue? That could solve this mystery!
  3. Not in this lifetime tour items

    How about meeting in the middle at $70? Also depends on how much shipping is since I see you are in the UK. To calculate shipping I live in the city of Auburn, in the state of Washington, USA. Thanks!

    I am pretty sure he didn't mean the one Axl actually wore, however yeah, it is a pretty good idea to make that point quite clear! That company made others that they sold. I have one myself. For true added protection you could pay with a credit card AND PayPal! Look, we have all started out with zero posts before. It happens. Sometimes you have to take a chance. Same with eBay. But of course take measures to protect yourself first. I would do that with anyone, regardless of post count.
  5. Not in this lifetime tour items

    Shit man, just realized I never replied to this! So sorry. How about $65 plus shipping? Can pay with PayPal as a personal payment so you don't get charged fees
  6. Not in this lifetime tour items

    How much do you want for the Little Rock shirt?
  7. We still appreciate all your work that you put into it! Always view shit like this properly on a laptop or desktop! Just messing around. Yeah, you need to scroll on the phone
  8. No offense to anyone, but here is the best site for information on all the GNR lithographs so far. I am not the author/owner of the site: http://lithorati.com/

    Thanks man. Very cool. Hoping it was a pic of the actual merch stand but oh well!

    Also meant to say no offense or anything if it was you that used that website to host that picture. I actually hope it was because maybe that means you still have the picture somewhere!

    Yeah that would be awesome wouldn't it if people didn't use shit websites to upload photos. I did notice though that you are the author of that first post. Do you know who provided that pic or how you found it? The one that isn't there anymore? Thanks!

    Hello everyone! I am really hoping that someone might have pics of the merch stand when they played Mexico after Coachella. Much appreciated!

    Does anyone have the link to that thread that only had the pictures of the lithos and nothing else? Thanks!
  14. Does anyone have the link to that thread that only had the pictures of the lithos and nothing else? Thanks!