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  1. HOT TIP - if you order from the Stones' website, use the code STONES20 for a sweet discount!
  2. So there are 4 releases that I am aware of: The standard black Picture discs (both of these still available at the gnr online store) A gray, white, and red splatter vinyl from Walmart; can find it on their online store A gold, white, and red platter vinyl available in the UK; here is one site that had it (sold out now): https://www.recordstore.co.uk/recordstore/recordstore/Greatest-Hits-Gold-White-Red-Splatter-Vinyl/6MT90000000
  3. Unreleased Greatest Hits

    I haven't listened to it in some time, will have to dig it out. Can't remember from when I last played it. I do indeed.
  4. Need your help!

    I see, thank you for the clarification! See, that's the thing. It kind of reminds me of the recent leaks. Do we really want a whole bunch of shit that's just a half decibel this or that? I would prefer to focus on truly unique stuff. I am out of reactions for today, but that is hilarious! I am responding to both the above posts here, plus the one from the member asking about the Charlotte show. There are a number of shows that we know are amazing. Now if we had to choose, we would prefer those amazing shows in the best possible quality we have ever seen/heard, or would we prefer video/audio of shows we have never heard, even if they might not be as great as those other shows? Hopefully we can get both of course, but if we had to choose? A true dilemma!
  5. Need your help!

    Umm, and forgive my own ignorance here, but aren't the current UYI albums the Bill Price mixes? Pretty sure he mixed both of them and those mixes are what we hear when we listen to the records. Not trying to be a dick, just seeking clarification I guess. I didn't know if there were alternate mixes Bill Price had done or something like that. Thank you for this! I thought there was, but couldn't remember/find it. I know Duff was involved with the Appetite box. I suppose Axl was to a degree too since he provided the pics in the book, the pics of the band and band members. Thank you for pointing me to this thread, very valuable! Thanks for your feedback everybody! I apologize, but I ran out of likes. Please keep it coming.
  6. Hello everyone. I don't think it's any big secret that GNR is planning on releasing a UYI boxset sometime in the future, like they did for Appetite and Lies. Before we even get into it, I cannot guarantee that GNR will ever release this, I am just told that it is being planned. But they are in the research stage now but, as you can imagine, there is a ton to go through. I am referring to audio and video. For example the Bob Clearmountain mixes of UYI that Tom Zutaut mentioned. Since there's so much, they thought it might be easier to ask you guys what to look for, i.e., what you would like to see in the box. Of course I will take any feedback offered, but more along the lines of rare recordings, shows we don't already have audio/video of, things that are theorized to exist, etc. Or even stuff you have that GNR/the label/etc. might not have. Please keep in mind that I can't guarantee any credit or anything like that. I'd imagine you would get credit if they end up using something from your collection that they didn't have, but otherwise I kind of doubt it. But this is your chance to speak (indirectly) to the label about what you want to see in this boxset. No, not interested in any ideas regarding pricing, knick knacks, etc. Just audio/video. So let me know (either reply here, PM, email, FB message, etc.), and I will pass on the info. Lastly, I just want to say that even if you know the label has something and you want to see it in the boxset, I can't guarantee anything. Thanks everyone, you rock!
  7. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    I own/have seen lots of test pressing not listed there. Don't get me wrong, it's a great resource, just not complete. I hear you there! I think I did once as well and had the same experience. I was really excited at first though!
  8. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    I am always searching for red hand vinyl or grenade vinyl but have never neither, nor have I heard of anyone finding one.
  9. And even I think I will pass, and have passed on a good deal of their previous stuff. The polo is weirdly designed. I might bite on the t-shirt but I already have the one they made for the Seattle Museum of Pop.
  10. RussTCB Stepping Down

    Damn dude, all because of some t-shirt that GNR is selling? Kidding lol, glad to hear you will still hang around, sorry to see you go as an admin. Take it easy my friend!

    Anyone have the 2016 Cincinnati shirt, that you yourself bought at the show? If so, can you please post detailed pics? Thanks
  12. GNR auction at Rock Scene Auctions

    Just wanted to throw some clarification your way - all winners will receive a 13x19 black and white photo of this shot: http://metalsludge.tv/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/GNR_Weiss_2.jpg Incredible!
  13. GNR Auction Ending Friday, March 6th 6:00pm EST ALL WINNING BIDDERS RECEIVE A SECOND PRINT FREE! Get this black & white 13x19 print below and RSA t-shirt rocksceneauctions.com/guns-n-roses-30/ Guns N' Roses 1987 by Mark Weiss I can tell you that Mark is a great guy, as are all the folks over art Rock Scene Auctions. I have now bought/won multiple items from them. We are talking quality items here, and the shipping is superb. And again, If you win, in addition to the item you won, you get a black and white 13x19 print of your choosing free and a Rock Scene Auctions shirt! What more can you want? Check it out now!!!
  14. I apologize to all. I was a little under the weather and I currently have no pop filter, hence the breathing sounds. Also, could I possibly say "right" or "you know" or "nice" any more than I do? Ugh! Regardless I hope you all like it!