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  1. Eddie Van Halen Wanted to Join AC/DC

    Thanks. Great story. Another proof of Chuck Berry being an ass. As a lot of The Greatest of All Times sadly.. anyway, thanks for sharing.
  2. It would be less than 25% of what it is now for sure so my answers is NO.
  3. You are a funny guy. Asking questions, predicting answers, quoting predicted answers. A perfect circle.
  4. Mind your own bussiness. Who the fuck cares what the guy is doin' in his bed, who he loves or not and why. It is his private thing not to mentions the question is pointless as free will is everybody's own thing.
  5. Is Rock in Río 2011 the worst concert of Guns n' Roses?

    I honestly tell you 18 is better.
  6. Do not overreact guys. It is pity indeed to hear that but on the other hand it is still 3 plus hrs show. I am happy they are still around. No matter what the ticket price is i will go and see them if they were around.
  7. I understand it tbh. No reason in opening old wounds. Maybe someday they will do something complex about Axl-Slash reunion, at the moment we know what we know and that's it. Step in their shoes and you will see reporters as bunch of guys willing to promote themselves with some unique content grabbed during interviews. One word can be changed 180 degree for whatever reason. Too risky after all those wasted years and shit between band members.
  8. GNR in poland 2019?

    Doda, polish so-called vocalist shared that info on her social media profile. Imo it started it all. SMKC for sure.
  9. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    I'm into that 100%. Gdansk 2017 was good. Chorzow 2018 was great. Glad it happened.
  10. 4tus spotted leaving stadium after soundcheck
  11. For me it wouldn't work out. Two individuals with opposite stage presents.