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  1. Terminator - Dark Fate

    After fkn what??
  2. Rumour about rumour. We don't need this all over again.
  3. Blind Melon opened for them quite a lot actually. Shannon even delivered pizza naked on stage and played bongos with Axl and co.
  4. Exactly! That's why Myles is nobody globally comparing to Axl. Not only talent matters in life. Look at chess. It's impossible to beat current computers and we still have championships. The IT factor, well said.
  5. Phil who? Rite or not it's like amateur player bashing pro for not doing it's best. Phil, whoever you are, remember who and where you are man and stay there.
  6. Same band and same people, how do you think it would not be parallels in situation like that, huh? They are on time, no riots, sober and clean. It's a good start. I like it and it may work out this time!
  7. They don't ban anyone for tellin' the truth.