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  1. Adler is Adler. Needed to involve Izzy into his speaking to put more tense into it. It won't solve anything that's for sure. If whining is the case he is 100 percent right.
  2. Talking with Slash again was hard for him for sure. Glad he could pass through his state of mind to do this.
  3. If you could have any show on DVD?

    Hob 2001 cuz it pissed me off so many times when ive been trading.
  4. They will play 10 miles away from my house. Couldn't be better! See ya in Chorzow!!
  5. Hope they will. Better to have them without new music or have nothing.
  6. Axl vs. Freddie Mercury

  7. Posters in my cousin's room and ycbm on t2 soundtrack. Been /w'em since 1992. Remember watching vmas 2002 live on mtv at night when new guns were announced (no internet for me back then). Simply crazy even if it wasnt their best performance. Opus magnum as a fan was 2017 Gdansk gig. Im satisfied to be with them through all these tough years. For us, fans,too. Worth it!! Peace
  8. Sftd Lald Kohd Dotf Sidhy
  9. Your first game console?

    9999999999 in 1 Snes Psx and so on..