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  1. Solo album on the way.. OR he just wants to maximize his income from a new GNR album/videos/singles. Smart move imo.
  2. There won't be a new GNR album with new material any time soon. Mainly as i remember Axl's own words
  3. There won't be a new album any time soon
  4. The Patience cover is absolutely tremendous. RIP Chris.
  5. For that next stimulus check if anyone is interested... https://www.ebay.com/itm/SLASH-Guitar-Case-GUNS-N-ROSES-GUITAR-VAULT-VERY-RARE-Road-Case-Stage-Used-Axl/254624477469?hash=item3b48cd311d:g:b1sAAOSwc59eyYqs I like GNR but i can think of other ways i need to spend $7.5k!
  6. NITL live videos on youtube

    Not gonna happen. I hope it does, but it won't
  7. nothing.. but welcome to the internet. I'd personally leak a few that would become promotion for the best one's on the album. give the leakers a few songs and bring out the best. it's not hard to keep songs "in house" over a year or so... but we're talking nearly 20yrs here. shit always stinks after that amount of time.
  8. Write better songs with my current band. Not rehash songs from 19-20yrs ago.
  9. Banning one of GNR's biggest fans and concert attenders was a badly advised mistake imo
  10. I'm actually glad these songs didn't come out or end up on ChiDem. They need work. The backing vocals sound like the Fun Lovin Criminals.
  11. GNR are not going to release an album in 2020 in my opinion. I personally don't like bating in fans like this. Maybe a single or two but def not a new entire album. GNR is not pop music.