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  1. Great songs!! This is my favorite GNR member solo album.
  2. Guns N Rose's & New Songs in the same sentance....😂😂😂😂
  3. The douche bag in the picture to the right is my guess as to being behind all this shit. He and his 40 other account names. Crazy bastard.
  4. Thanks!! Lol. That was the purpse! Pretty sure the guy in the picture has something to do with all of this. What douchebag
  5. Im old. Well, older. I definitely wanna see them do different shit. Actually, in all honesty, if they did anything with regards to new shit id be fine with whatever it is
  6. My bad. I somehow forgot.
  7. Just...no. Not happening. The same shit here in GNR land. As said before, nothing to see here
  8. Its pretty clear that Axl has zero interest or intent in releasing anything. 40 years from now, when one of those locker leaks are actually leaked, is gonna be the only way anyone ever heard something new from him
  9. If we've learned anything, patience is a requirement to be a fan of GNR
  10. I wouldnt think the label gives 2 shits about CDII. Id bet they'd prefer 1 song with Axl, Slash & Duff over a new studio album of Axl's leftovers. Besides Axl has no intention of releasing anything. 1 forced album in25+ years. We wont hear any of this until TB is controlling his estate and releases a f'n boxset. I dont see anything leaking any time soon