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  1. Last night, Los Angeles KCAL 9 did a piece on the Troubadour being in danger of closing for good as a result of the pandemic. I didn't catch the whole thing but they interviewed Duff. I don't know if it was new or really what was said. They haven't posted it online yet but this is their sister station's month-old report on the Troubadour Go Fund Me. https://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2020/05/06/troubadour-gofundme-coronavirus-west-hollywood/ Got me thinking though. What if they did a live set from the empty Troubadour? Do a kickass warm up gig like 2016. Help a classic venue stay open. Promote the hopefully upcoming tour/album/etc. Just sayin'...
  2. He kinda jumped up onto one of the monitors on stage, and must've cracked the bone immediately because he just as quickly fell backwards. Got back up, pants split, broken foot and kept fucking going. -- I knew the "ought" would get flack, obviously, there's a lot of "oughts"-- but seeing Duff talking about the Troubadour, spurred this post. I had to at least put it out there... Initially I was thinking they could shoot something new from there, but as you guys have pointed out-- There already is footage from the 2016 show and streaming that odyssey would probably fetch more interest. People would certainly pay to watch the April Fools show. For as many greats that have played there, Gn'R is probably the most prolific band to have played their very first shows there. Technically it's in West Hollywood, but more broadly LA City/County officials have not been very kind to historical properties... the wrecking ball has become very popular.. The Sunset Strip is nearly unrecognizable, with spots like Viper Room, Tower already in jeopardy of being torn down and turned into high rises.. I've worked with local preservation groups and getting historical landmark status is tougher, than one would expect, even for such a classic venue. It would be a fucking travesty if the Troubadour closed it's doors.
  3. Lmao! No, but I do feel like there's a good amount of people, who would pay a reasonable price to watch something like this.. make a little dough for the band and the place where it all started. Hell, they could shoot a music vid there. Something. I'll keep on the lookout for the Duff clip.
  4. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    Chris Pitman and his sub-bass strike again!
  5. Chinese Democracy Vinyl

    There were plenty of poor pressings that came out at launch. The one I got had issues. The album itself is really dynamic and well mixed, which got some high praise in the time of Death Magnetic loudness. I've mainly listened on CD and there are so many layers, you can hear something new everytime you listen.
  6. If That Ain't Country

    One of the best things they've done in awhile. It gave me a much greater appreciation for Kris Kristofferson. I haven't caught the whole series but it's interesting looking back on that era of country and how mainstream it was, still scrutinized by many-- But without being hokey. It was authentic, fucking heartfelt, well crafted and produced. This mainstream stuff today, is like parody party music. Makes Cletus T. Judd look modest. The zenith had to be the 90's, but even then it was getting goofy-- guys trying to make wacky music videos for airtime.
  7. I'm rolling with CDs in the car. I never thought that would become antiquated, but here we are. Most iPods I've had pretty much bit the dust in the battery department fairly quickly after warranty (planned obsolescence). Had a classic iPod years ago. Certainly one of the best products of the 00's. Eventually the battery had to be replaced, then the motherboard went out some time later. That thing was a beast though. If you wanted to get tricky you could even play a few games on there. Phase was the music/ rhythm game that used your own tunes. Had two or three iPod touches. Battery went to hell on them. One I still have, only works if plugged in-- Which is even difficult because the lightning port's worn out, and it's gotta be firmly held in, in just the right way... I agree with others on disliking the user interfaces on phones, or big touch screens period. The phone is fine for podcasts, but I miss having a high capacity portable music player on the go ( in conjunction with a flip phone) Does anyone have a Zune or Neil Young's Pono?
  8. If That Ain't Country

    Anybody been watching the Ken Burns Country Music series on pbs?
  9. Neil Young is the fucking king

    Ahhh-- I heard something about this-- thanks for reminding me. On The Beach is such good album-- Top to bottom. Neil has put out so much, I've barely scratched the surface of his later works. As others have said Psychedelic Pill is a great throwback, but personally Greendale & Are You Passionate -- are my favorite recent albums of his. Not every song is a hit, but I would bet there's at least one or two tracks that would resonate with any Neil fan. Wasn't Harvest Moon in the 90's? I don't remember the whole album but that single is right up there with his best. Also Philadelphia and Out of Control on the CSNY reunion album. Very touching and sentimental.
  10. I've become so accustomed to the "f'n" I had to re-read this post a couple times to see the difference between the post you quoted.
  11. There seems to be two official Vive Latino live streams on youtube. Where are we getting the info that Guns won't be on the stream?
  12. I'm surprised they went with Georgia Tech's stadium as opposed to the new Mercedes Stadium. It's cooler that they did though. I stayed and worked right by there a few years ago. Ate Goodfellas pizza nearly everyday. It should be a beautiful night in ATL.
  13. I didn't really see it as a critique of GnR. I think that was mainly more a testament to how good of a drummer/songwriter Chad Smith is and how well they meshed-- In spite of Ozzy's people giving them such a tight deadline. Obviously no overt mentions of a new album, but my takeaways from the interview re: new material was that Slash & Duff are aware of "dropping" singles before the album is completed (as he mentioned Ozzy did) Duff wanted to discuss upcoming GnR stuff but wasn't sure of what was announced already. And Duff did say they were going to begin rehearsing later that day (for Miami)-- Another good sign.
  14. Just saw an ad on the FOX broadcast of Seahawks vs Packers for a February 1st highlights show of the Super Bowl Music Fest. I can't find any further info online, but they advertised Guns N' Roses, Maroon 5, etc. Looks like we'll get a little national broadcast pro-shot snippet. Perhaps a song or two.
  15. I don't see a thread about it-- Mods can merge or whatever
  16. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    My World is vicious & brilliant and stylistically should have been the direction they went for the mid 90s.
  17. John Frusciante returns to RHCP

    I believe Niandra Lades was done concurrently while he was still in the group, in their Blood Sugar Sex Magic vintage. Smile From the Streets You Hold was released in 97, right about as he was hitting rock bottom and was a mix of all of the above, late 80's/90's to current at the time. Both albums went to drug money, but I remember hearing that post-addiction, he was embarrassed with Smile and pretty much tried to erase it from his discography. --- As far as this news of John's return-- Probably the most exciting thing I've read on this forum since news of Duff's wife leaking the reunion in 2015, and of course all the Mygnr/CSI leading up to the Troubadour. --- Just this morning I was reading an article about ataxia (the medical condition) which shares the name of John & Josh's old group. This is such great news. Stadium Arcadium felt like the pinnacle of modern rock lead guitar work and a culmination of that iteration. I totally get John's not wanting to tour and be apart of the music biz scene-- So I'm With You was a welcomed change. They tried something fresh and it worked. Only saw them live once in 2017 in support of Dark Necessities, which I never listened to in full-- But Josh was very good, meshed well. More of a focus on ambiance though, as opposed to John's raw fire. Hearing Aeroplane live was cool w/ Josh-- I never realized that John didn't play the Navarro songs live-- But I'd be ok omitting those albums from the setlist, if it means the possibility of seeing Frusicante live with RHCP. The potential for new music/album is so intriguing! Especially with all the electronic jazz Frusciante's been doing recently, he must have some repressed guitar driven songs that are waiting to be heard.
  18. Whaaaaa?!? There's been that many versions to leak over the years?
  19. Melissa on lead vocals?

    Fantastic idea. Hopefully they give her a spot to perform something similar to the haltime remixes with Brain. Let her introduce the lesser known songs on tour. She'd sound amazing on the open of Eye On You.
  20. I haven't heard these-- Not too keen on downloading but what's the difference in this versus what's been getting leaked a single song at a time? Is it just the studio mix of the tracks that is better? Are they full 44.1khz CD quality files or still low quality mp3s? Did this get leaked as a like a full zip of an album or singles of newer versions?
  21. Hahh!! Ok, I was ready to mark out. On that note though, are we to assume this was leaked by the wannabe wrestler who shall remain nameless?
  22. What the fuck?? Does he really reference kayfabe? This is brilliant lmao. If these lyrics are real, one can gather Axl was kicking back in the late 90's watching the Monday Night Wars. Didn't someone say one of the other instrumentals sounded like the Dudley Boy theme? Quicksong?
  23. Has anybody with tickets noticed if they say "non-transferable"? Curious if there's potential for another Black Keys fiasco, from buying on Stubhub?
  24. That sounds like a class action lawsuit waiting to happen
  25. Now I see it's gone up to $495 for early entry & merch? What the hell is that? Is Livenation modifying the price based on hits? I don't see nightrain on there anymore