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  1. Whaaaaa?!? There's been that many versions to leak over the years?
  2. Melissa on lead vocals?

    Fantastic idea. Hopefully they give her a spot to perform something similar to the haltime remixes with Brain. Let her introduce the lesser known songs on tour. She'd sound amazing on the open of Eye On You.
  3. I haven't heard these-- Not too keen on downloading but what's the difference in this versus what's been getting leaked a single song at a time? Is it just the studio mix of the tracks that is better? Are they full 44.1khz CD quality files or still low quality mp3s? Did this get leaked as a like a full zip of an album or singles of newer versions?
  4. Hahh!! Ok, I was ready to mark out. On that note though, are we to assume this was leaked by the wannabe wrestler who shall remain nameless?
  5. What the fuck?? Does he really reference kayfabe? This is brilliant lmao. If these lyrics are real, one can gather Axl was kicking back in the late 90's watching the Monday Night Wars. Didn't someone say one of the other instrumentals sounded like the Dudley Boy theme? Quicksong?
  6. Has anybody with tickets noticed if they say "non-transferable"? Curious if there's potential for another Black Keys fiasco, from buying on Stubhub?
  7. That sounds like a class action lawsuit waiting to happen
  8. Now I see it's gone up to $495 for early entry & merch? What the hell is that? Is Livenation modifying the price based on hits? I don't see nightrain on there anymore
  9. At least it got me out of bed early. Honestly the price was not as exorbitant as I feared it could be-- But that's still ridiculous, considering the short notice & the fact that the Citi exclusivity is fucking a lot of true fans. Kind of a relief though, to not have to worry about shelling out even half of that, when Doakesdaddy's got bills due.
  10. $400 for "early entry ticket merch & offer" on Livenation Not sure what the Citi deal is, but I have been priced out.
  11. Is any of this going to be filmed for PBS or is the festival different?
  12. Any forum members in the "Citi" of Los Angeles going? I'm interested in going, depending on GA prices-- However I'm not a Citibanker. If you are going and are so inclined, PM me.
  13. New LA Show Sep 21

    Same That's what I was wondering. For such a small, yet fantastic venue, it'd be sad if it doesn't sell out-- But the Citi thing cornered them into this. I wouldn't be surprised if regular tickets somehow became available at the last second
  14. New LA Show Sep 21

    Seems like it! I was shocked at how many people from back east dropped everything and somehow made the immediate pilgrimage to the Tower records line, with zero confirmation of anything! Not everyone can do that-- Hell, there's no way I could have. But I like many others here specifically joined the Nightrain in those speculative days prior to April 1st, hoping that they would show their fans some love and AT LEAST give 'em some info or clues as to what was happening... Nonetheless the wishful thinking that they would actually have made tix to the Troubadour available to purchase for Nightrain members. All we ended up actually getting from the Nightrain membership was presale "opportunities" to buy seats for the upcoming tour that turned out to be shittier spots/sections than what Ticketmaster made available to the general public! Considering all of that and the unknown price that they will be charging (probably somewhere between the Apollo shows & their general over a grand pit tickets) -- The Nightrain is still a pretty tough sell, to have to shell out money for a membership so you can get a chance to buy tickets that may be unreasonably priced in the first place.
  15. New LA Show Sep 21

    It's tough to tell-- If a friend outright bought the ticket for someone else, I can't imagine they would ID everyone at the door to verify the name on the ticket with the person attending... But who knows. Likewise, does anyone know if these Citi type tickets ever go to the re-sale market on like Stubhub? This is what I think they're trying to squash by doing it this way (aside from Citi & Livenation getting their kickbacks) If a friend bought two tickets and you went with them, there surely couldn't be a problem. But by that same coin, if you showed up by yourself with someone else's ticket whether a friends or a re-sale/scalped -- I wonder if they have measures to block that. I think the Chili Peppers and Metallica played Citi Exclusive shows at Palladium recently. Did anyone here go?
  16. New LA Show Sep 21

    Seconded-- Especially with the whole Citi exclusivity-- It's a little corporate but I know it's not just Gn'R, that's the way Palladium/ Citi/ LiveNation operate these days for big acts. Regardless of price-- I'd be first in line to buy a ticket at the box office, as I did for the Troubadour show but the whole Citi card thing really complicates this and excludes a good portion of their local fanbase.
  17. Anton Kandinsky has died since then! 2014. Wild. That grenade and even the hand are so visually arresting, it does seem an odd choice to have gone with that subdued bicycle, but I've gotten used to it. Whenever I go to the record store, I still look for the alternate covers though. Either one would be quite a find.
  18. I haven't heard this new catcher leak but I must be one of the few who prefer Ron's solo over Brian's. I've heard old versions with the Brian solo and it just seems uninspired and incohesive. If I recall, May even stated his displeasure with his solo on the demo and stated what made it to tape was not what he played thru and was more or less a chop of different takes. I love the overall piano warmth of the old demos, but I think Ron's solo just soars and is perfect for the album version, especially into the outtro.
  19. I get that-- But the first post on the other thread had it. I don't know if they got suspended or not, but the mods allowed it to remain. So I'm just confused.
  20. Not trying to be a smartass or anything but if it were on youtube, why couldn't somebody embed the video on here, when that very same thing was allowed on the hardschool thread?
  21. Are people just torrenting these or are they up on youtube?