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  1. To be fair, its probably around 0.1% of the fans who even Heard about these songs, the hype is huge amoung a very small part of the fan base.
  2. Oh, I thought it was a bit later. Anyways, the song had to be done/started Before 97 if it was intended to be released for the Movie.
  3. But didnt Duff talk about the song back in 1996? The movie was released back in early 1997, Robin joined after that. It wouldnt make any sense of Calling the song "Jackie Chan" if it was made after the plan of releasing a song for the Movie were scrapped.
  4. *fan made* The General?

    I Think Its "based" on that clip, like a guy tried to reconstruct what he Heard but with better quality. The real leak is more or less unlistnable due to the poor quality.
  5. Studio cover of blue Hawaii confirmed!
  6. Not mine opinion, I was just pointing out his mistake Sailing is amazing, and I Kinda like the Seeker.
  7. Lol The only song they did right =/= The only song they did, right?
  8. Axl's 90s net worth

    Yeah, I looked up dizzy reed just for a laugh, 40 million dollars. The guy begged for money to pay for his daughter college education a couple of year ago. I think they use some algoritm to calculate the net worth, which of course doesnt work verk well
  9. Axl's 90s net worth

    Btw, what is your source that Axl is worth 150 million? You cant trust the celebnetworth bullshit site.
  10. Maybe Axl lived in a rougher part of the jungle?
  11. I know right! Why would anyone interact with a bunch of drunk models when you could listen to Silkworms??
  12. Elite Plaza is quite popular for big acts (springsteen, metallica etc.)
  13. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    jupp, it's out there… And its fucking awesome