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  1. You are not allowed to make a cover of an copyrighted unreleased song, atleast in my country.
  2. ChiDem Live Performances

    Shacklers: 2014 SOD: 2014 Scraped: 2010
  3. From the top of my head; Bono (kohd) Bubbles (liqure and whores) Neil young (dont let it bring you down) Billy Joel (highway to hell + big shot) Pink (patience) Angry andersson (nice boys)
  4. Atleast one of the 20 versions of quick song must have lyrics
  5. The same guy leaked demo of better, which is obviously real, so probably not fake.
  6. Axl: I also have a kick ass rocker Slash: Is it about me? Axl:...
  7. Thyme is a instrumental track that is used in Perhaps. Or have I misunderstood it?
  8. It is described as 70's glam rock meets november rain I Believe. Edit: Btw, we had a similar conversation a year ago 70's glam rock I beilieve
  9. Brian Johnson confirms new album

    UK is still part of Europe...