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  1. Silkworms OLD leak

    Atlas Shrugged if I remember correctly.
  2. Not sure what a Axl diehard is, but based on the posts written on this forum, Izzy and Steven are very liked by axl's fans...
  3. Madagascar is the missing link

  4. Neither would I, because that's a very rude thing to do. Why would anyone touch another human with a ten foot barge pole?
  5. Terrorist attack thread

    From the hospital: 1 dead, 15 hurt and 9 of them is serious hurt. And from what I have understood, 3 died before they arrived to the hospital. Edit: total 4 dead.
  6. New Jumanji movie named after WTTJ

    Girl rolls dice; "Oh no, I hope that nothing scary happends. Hmm, I dont see or hear anything... Wait, something doesnt feel right.. Oh my god!! My pu**y is full with maggots!"
  7. Nah, I would say that Axl's way to express his politcal views may also be a "real" reason to be bothered.
  8. Let's play '30 Day Music Challenge'

    Day 9; Why the f**k should you worry? Day 10 "Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong. Can you hear me, Major Tom?"
  9. Partial This I Love remix leak?

    Small parts of shacklers revenge, if the world (remixes), oh my god, silkworms (New versions)
  10. Let's play '30 Day Music Challenge'

    Day 7 Day 8
  11. I used to work out on a "hard core" gym that had a bunch of gn´r songs on their playlist. Ycbm, pc, nightrain, jungle and shot gun blues (A bit surprising to hear that one in public).
  12. Let's play '30 Day Music Challenge'

    Day 5 Day 6