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  1. Studio cover of blue Hawaii confirmed!
  2. Not mine opinion, I was just pointing out his mistake Sailing is amazing, and I Kinda like the Seeker.
  3. Lol The only song they did right =/= The only song they did, right?
  4. Axl's 90s net worth

    Yeah, I looked up dizzy reed just for a laugh, 40 million dollars. The guy begged for money to pay for his daughter college education a couple of year ago. I think they use some algoritm to calculate the net worth, which of course doesnt work verk well
  5. Axl's 90s net worth

    Btw, what is your source that Axl is worth 150 million? You cant trust the celebnetworth bullshit site.
  6. Maybe Axl lived in a rougher part of the jungle?
  7. I know right! Why would anyone interact with a bunch of drunk models when you could listen to Silkworms??
  8. Elite Plaza is quite popular for big acts (springsteen, metallica etc.)
  9. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    jupp, it's out there… And its fucking awesome
  10. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    So, has anyone besides Neonkinight find the song? Dont wanna spend the night looking for something that doesnt exist...
  11. Silkworms sounds really good. I prefare the old version of OMG though.
  12. Axl on american dad

    They have so much material to work with, but they just show some Pictures of him and calls him ugly. Jesus Christ.
  13. Cd1 and Cd2 is remasterd while cd3 and cd4 are not. Thats my impression after reading this; https://gnrmerch.com/collections/appetite-for-destruction/products/appetite-for-destruction-locked-n-loaded-edition