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  1. Apparently Doug Goldstein has a "Quora" account and answered this question in 2018 If it´s really him: " i used to get a call once a year from Bob Dylan’s lady, asking me to thank the band for recording “Heaven’s Door” because they would receive MASSIVE checks from the sales of our version (in royalties) She said that he loved the version (although I never spoke to him directly) " Link: https://www.quora.com/profile/Doug-Goldstein-4 he also answered: "Who does Axl Rose call on the phone in Knocking on Heavens door song?" "It’s Axl’s friend Josh Richmond. Josh helped write the videos for November Rain and Estranged. Josh is a great guy, and I for one DO NOT know why Axl doesn’t speak to him anymore! Josh is brilliant, hilarious, and incredibly creative. Other people in the camp were very jealous of their relationship, which my be the reason Axl no longer communicates with him, but Josh used to spend countless nights with Axl, often staying up for days at a time to make sure his best friend was doing ok!!" Link: https://www.quora.com/Who-does-Axl-Rose-call-on-the-phone-in-Knocking-on-Heavens-door-song